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One of the greatest things about being a fan in this day and age is our ability to communicate with other fans and creators almost instantly. Unfortunately, that can be a bad thing sometimes as well. What happened a few weeks ago is a great example of this. After the reveal of Captain America being a Hydra agent, the internet blew up and took their passionate comments to the extreme. This explosion of comments led many to examine the concept of fan entitlement. Many have chimed in over the past two weeks, some claiming that fandom is broken and others citing the problem to be the reactionary environment of the internet. Even Geek Hard’s own Brent Chittenden had a few things to say. This week, Andrew and Gavin give their thoughts on the matter.

Listen as the guys take a look at fan reactions to announcements and reveals from the past year and try to make some sense of it all. When does commentary and criticism go too far and lead to death threats and bold declarations? What’s the appropriate level of passion for today’s fan? These questions and more will be addressed on an ALL NEW edition of your favourite comic book podcast, Back Issue Bloodbath.

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Has Fan Entitlement got out of hand as of late? Andrew and Gavin discuss on an ALL NEW Bloodbath.

Has Fan Entitlement gotten out of hand as of late? Andrew and Gavin discuss on an ALL NEW Bloodbath.