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This week’s installment of Bloodbath takes a bit of a sombre tone as Andrew and Gavin take a look back on the career of the recently deceased Darwyn Cooke. Gone far too soon, Darwyn passed away on May 14th of this year following a bout with aggressive cancer. An accomplished cartoonist, Darwyn got his break in the world of superheroes as a storyboard artist for Batman: The Animated Series. He would get attention in the comics world after the release of his graphic novel Batman: Ego and would continue to produce many memorable DC series. From Catwoman to New Frontier to his contributions  to the Before Watchmen event, Cooke provided amazing stories of adventure that would pay tribute to the comics he grew up with in the 60s. In more recent years, Darwyn did some phenomenal work for IDW, adapting Donald Westlake’s Parker series in graphic novel format.

Darwyn was one of a kind both as an artist and as a character in the comic industry. Not one to mince words, Darwyn was open and honest about what he thought was wrong in the world of sequential art and storytelling. He told it like it was. A classic, stand up guy who always stood strong on his convictions. He will be greatly missed. Andrew and Gavin talk about the great works the man has left us with in the latest edition of Back Issue Bloodbath.

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Gavin and Andrew pay their respects to Darwyn Cooke on the latest Bloodbath.

Gavin and Andrew pay their respects to Darwyn Cooke on the latest Bloodbath.