I first met Jeff Woods in the green room of a television show called Explore Music. We talked about music and what we did for a living. Growing up in Ontario, Jeff’s voice is instantly recognizable from his time at Q107 and his music history program, Legends of Classic Rock and it was nice to know that a guy you’ve admired professionally, turned out to be a down to Earth decent guy… who just happened to have a voice that can “melt women” (I am quoting from a former co-worker here.. that’s not my opinion… I swear). After a while, Jeff mentioned to me that he had some ideas for a book.

A number of years later, those ideas have come to fruition in his book Radio, Records and Rockstars. As Jeff was coming into town for a promotional stop or two, we sat down to discuss the book, self-publishing and music (every now and then you may hear an additional familiar voice, that’s Nerds with Guitars’ Alex James who was kind enough to help me out by taking a few photos during the interview). Take a listen to the interview below:



You can purchase copies of the book through Jeff’s website (it’s a really engaging read. I just started on my copy and it’s a bit of a page turner) as well as here and here. He’ll also being doing an RSVP signing in Toronto at the Liss Gallery on June 16th as well as a signing at The Rose and Crown on June 23 in Calgary. His podcast is out and can be subscribed to via iTunes or streamed from Jeff’s site. If you have an interest in classic rock history, I highly suggest giving the show a try.

And remember kids, if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!