This week’s show just got bigger and better.

Earlier this week, our own Mr. Green got the chance to have a chat with actor Anthony Lemke over drinks. That chat was recorded and you’ll get to hear it on this Friday’s show. What tidbits of info regarding the second season of Dark Matter (Returning to SPACE and Syfy, Friday, July 1st) will Lemke divulge? What stories of adventure does he have in store for us? You’ll have to wait until Friday to find out. For now, here’s a quick bio on Anthony:

dark-matter-anthony-lemke-vest-2-650x750 (1)Roger Anthony Lemke is a Canadian actor. He is known for portraying Brian Becker on CTV’s fantasy drama The Listener, Dan Malloy on Bravo’s police drama 19-2, and Ryan Elliot on Hallmark Channel’s fantasy comedy-drama Good Witch. In French Canada, Lemke is known for playing David Rothstein on Radio Canada’s comedy-drama Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin.

He is currently appearing as Three on Syfy’s science-fiction drama Dark Matter.


Be sure to listen this Friday to catch Mr. Green’s interview with Anthony Lemke.

But that’s not all! We’ve got tons more awesome coming your way as well! Comic creator Ryan North will be joining us via phone to talk about Romeo And/Or Juliet, his choose your own adventure book, as well as his run on Squirrel Girl at Marvel Comics. And don’t forget, there’s also our review of Independence Day: Resurgence coming your way. This show is jam-packed with crazy-awesome content that any geek would love! It’s gonna be a barn burner! (Please note there will be no burning of barns during the show…..this is just an expression to illustrate my excitement.)

It all goes down this Friday at 7pm Eastern and you can listen LIVE by going to It’s the best way to start your weekend and the best way to end your week!

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Be sure to listen to Geek Hard this Friday for Mr. Green's interview with Anthony Lemke of Dark Matter.

Be sure to listen to Geek Hard this Friday for Mr. Green’s interview with Anthony Lemke of Dark Matter.