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Another week without Gavin. But that don’t mean that there can’t be any Bloodbath! So once again, we’re shaking things up a bit as we take a trip into the vault of Andrew’s many interviews with comic creators from the past few years. This week, we bring you two great ones that took place at Fan Expo Canada, an annual convention that takes place at the end of the summer in Toronto. Over the years, Andrew’s gotten to meet and chat with a bunch of great writers and artists and this week, we revist two of those meetings!

First up is an interview from last year’s Fan Expo where Andrew caught up with one of Marvel’s best writers, Charles Soule. This was just before the release of the current Daredevil and Uncanny Inhmans series. Charles talks a little bit about both books as well as his work on She-Hulk and the Lando miniseries he did with Alex Maleev. He also gives the answer to a very important question. What Question? Take a listen and find out.

Charles Soule talks Daredevil, Lando and more!

Charles Soule talks Daredevil, Lando and more!

The Second Interview is from the 2014 Fan Expo when Andrew spoke with up and coming comic artist Michael Walsh. At this time, Walsh was in the middle of his run on Secret Avengers (written by Ales Kot) and he gives us some detailed insight into the making of that comic series. There’s also talk of representation in fiction, paper vs. digital and death in comics. Michael gives a number of great answers here so you’ll want to hear this delightful interview.

It's always fun to have a laugh with artist Michael Walsh.

It’s always fun to have a laugh with artist Michael Walsh.

We’re back to the usual format next week, so enjoy these interviews in the meantime on this week’s Bloodbath!

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