Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

STL010899LONE RANGER GREEN HORNET #1 $3.99 (Dynamite) – Finally, the untold family history of the Lone Ranger and Green Hornet is revealed! We’ve known for years that these two heroes were related but all the details will be provided for the very first time in this brand new series from Dynamite. Also, somehow, someway, the Hornet and Ranger, despite being separated by a gulf of decades, will meet. How does it all go down? I have no clue but my only request is that it not be fucking stupid… Pretty please with cherry on top, Lone Ranger/ Green Hornet, don’t be fucking stupid. (Kris Johnson)

FAITH TP VOL 01 HOLLYWOOD & VINE $9.99 (Valiant) – Ok, so I know I already told how great this limited series is when it came out in issues. I even re-wrote famous song lyrics that use the word “Faith” to get you to check it out. If for some reason you did not listen to me then, there’s a new trade collecting the 4 issue series and it’s amazing. And I’m not the only person saying this. This book has gotten TONS of rave reviews. The story of Faith going out on her first solo mission in L.A. has everything you want in a superhero story: A daring adventure, a good helping of humour and a protagonist that you not only want to root for but can also relate to. Become a fan of the best damn fangirl (who also happens to be a superhero) in comics today. (Andrew)

STAR WARS: DARTH VADER HC VOL 01 $34.99 (Marvel) – The Dark Lord of the Sith’s self-titled Marvel series has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure right from the first hum of that sweet, red lightsaber. Surprisingly, the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larocca have remained intact throughout the entire run and the singular goal and vision at play in the book has paid dividends in the art and story department. This is not opinion. This is fact. And it’s absolutely apparent in this phenomenal new hardcover collecting the first 12 issues of the series. I know. I know. Only Sith’s deal in absolutes. But listen, do you love Star Wars and Vader and evil droids and crazy lightsabers battles and absurdly destructive displays of the Force? Stupid question, right? Of course you do. Buy the book. (Kris Johnson)

STL011105THE FIX #4 $3.99 (Image) – With each passing issue of The Fix, I thank the gods that fate brought Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber together. This tale of crooked cops in sunny L.A. has been the funniest and most fun book on the stands this year. This issue, we get a tale of a man and his dog…..we’ll not really his dog, more his partner……a partner that doesn’t like him. This beagle is the only cop on the LAPD that can’t be bought. Not a good place to be if your a cop who’s always been dirty. I feel this beagle’s gonna have trust issues with his new partner. I can’t wait to see how he handles it. (Andrew)

THROWAWAYS #1 $2.99 (Image) – Two disposable assassins that don’t know they’re disposable assassins run afoul of the very people that totally know they’re disposable assassins. They should probably figure out how to be less disposable and more assassiny… and fast. (Kris Johnson)

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #11 $3.99 (Marvel) – So there’s this whole Civil War II thing going on right now and this time Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are on the same side of it. Or are they? Didn’t a cosmic cube recently make Steve think he’s working for Hydra? That can’t help matters, can it? And what about Stark Industries? Is Mary Jane Watson working there or not? Or will the board of directors try a hostile takeover? Like sands through the hourglass, so is the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man. (Andrew)

STL009525BRIK #1 $1.99 (Oni) – As the Russian mafia spreads their influence further into Yonkers, New York, their violent clashes begin to touch the lives of the innocent families that live there. When a young lad named Drew loses his grandfather to an act of wanton brutality, he stumbles upon an ancient family connection to a power that may just help balance the scales. That power? The ability to create a golem. Russians gonna get clobbered, yo. (Kris Johnson)

STAR WARS: HAN SOLO #2 $3.99 (Marvel) – This book is so good, I don’t even need sentences to sell it. I’m just gonna use some carefully selected words: space race, covert mission, rebel traitor, Marjorie Liu, Mark Brooks, bad-ass. If those words don’t sell ya, nothing will. (Andrew)

SPREAD #14 $3.99 (Image)Spread is back for the first time since February and it’s the beginning of a brand new arc! If you’ve never read this series before, this is the perfect spot to hop on board. Having already gone through several different flavours of post-apocalyptic hell, No and his merry band finally arrive at an oasis of civilization that appears to have somehow survived the Spread. But considering the last place that looked like a possible safe haven turned out to be a big fat cannibal’s barbecue pit, I’d say it’s a safe bet that all is not as it appears. (Kris Johnson)

STL010880PEANUTS: FRIENDS FOREVER 2016 SPECIAL #1 $7.99 (Boom) – To all things, an ending. This is the big finale of Boom’s foray behind the lines of the Peanuts camp. They’ve had a pretty good run. They put out a 39 issue ongoing series with brand new content along with 4 original graphic novels and a crazy tribute book where Charlie Brown and the gang were reinterpreted by a ton of names in the comics biz. Now they’re giving Snoopy his big send off with this here special. It’s nice to see that they’re not going gentle into that good night. Be sure to pick up this special issue and see the the football get pulled away one last time. (Andrew)



So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Faith Vol. 1 TP

Faith Vol. 1 TP