This week’s column might be a little short as I am needed back at the Cosmodrome to defeat the aliens that threaten our way of post-apocalyptic life.

I’m not a huge video game guy anymore. I love video games but as a working, married adult, I can’t play for an entire weekend like I used to. The weekends of GoldenEye and a case of beer with friends has become a thing of the past. I had gotten a Xbox 360 mainly for solo games because for as much as I love video games, I’m not particularly good at them. Games like Call of Duty‘s multiplayer is just a way for me to get frustrated as opposed to having fun. Even the multiplayer on my beloved Halo franchise seemed too hard.

Enter Destiny.


When I moved to my new digs in the north, two of my friends and I decided that we should find a new game to play with one another. At that point, we had completed all of the Borderlands games a few times over and were dying for something new. The other two had Destiny but hadn’t really played too much of it. The Taken King DLC pack was a month away, so it was decided this was our new game.

We have played the CRAP out of Destiny.

For those of you who haven’t played the game, I’ll give you the Coles Notes version. Destiny is a first person shooter with RPG and MMORPG elements added in. You play as a Guardian, a being with a crap load of guns and a lot of time on their hands, who protects the Earth and our galaxy from various alien threats. While there is a player versus player area known as The Crucible, my group basically runs together in the co-operative mission stories. When the game first came out, the reviews were mixed. The basic consensus was that it was a great game that was really short with a confusing story. Since it’s launch, Bungie has endeavored to fix the issues and add more content in both DLC and free formats.


It’s allowed for me to have my “GoldenEye” nights back… sort of. The other thing about being an older video game player is the guys you used to play with age too so we now have responsibilities and live in different locations. Phil lives in Toronto and up until recently was working a full-time job. He is now going back to school in an effort to get a better job that he actually likes. Mark is married, a father of three and is also a student a few hours east of Toronto. I’m a full-time writer (always hustling for more work), married and live an hour north of Toronto. But we’ve managed to make a night out of it. About once a week, we get together for a few hours in the evening and play Destiny. We get to socialize, despite being so far away from one another. And due to the game’s structure and story system, we have a lot of fun and don’t have to worry about being instantly sniped by that seventeen-year-old who doesn’t have a job and can play every night after school.

Sure, we’re not drinking like we used too (because we have stuff to do the next day and personally, hangovers are murder now), but I still get a bit of that “social interaction while shooting alien scum bags” action that I kind of missed.

And the game is good enough that two of us went out and got an Xbox One and all three of us upgraded Destiny to the new system just so we can play Rise of Iron. That should say something.

As for Rise of Iron, we’re not too far into it yet. I like the story and new NPC characters that have been added (although the new hunter NPC who really sounds like Nathan Fillion was too busy to reprise his character so they just cloned him). I like that so far, we’ve done a few things that were very different than the previous DLC and I really love the idea that we’re finally going to get to explore Earth a little more. The rest of it (the ornaments, the new weapons, etc) will have to wait until a later date for comment as I haven’t really gotten any yet.

Now I will say that it seems really easy to get your light level bumped up but that might be the case for the first few levels and them the next half might be a hard bog to go through. I’ve also heard reports that the story is pretty short and there’s a good chance that my buddies and I are half way done. But the great thing about Destiny is there are always patrols, Prison of Elders, strikes and raids so even if we get the story finished, there will be plenty to do for a few months.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!