This past Labour Day weekend, Geek Hard came, saw and conquered Fan Expo Canada 2016. It was an event for the ages with celebs, comic creators and cosplayers galore. There were even things there that didn’t start with a C. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you some of Geek Hard’s exploits as well as the many great interviews that we were lucky enough to grab. Join us as we take a trip into one of Fandom’s greatest’s weekends and Canada’s biggest convention.

If you were to ask Mr. Green to tell you his most favourite moment of Fan Expo Canada 2016, he would most definitely say his interview with Dana DeLorenzo at the Anchor Bay booth. Dana plays Kelly on Ash vs. Evil Dead and while her character is full of rage, she was a delight to hang with. Watch as she threatens Mr. Green’s life with more than a few sharp objects as well as tell us what’s in store for viewers who can’t wait for Ash to return to the small screen this October 2nd (on Starz). Fun times were had by all. Now you can share in those fun times by checking out the accompanying video. It’s looks good. It looks sweet. UH-HUH! Don’t believe me? All you gotta do is click on the video below and find out for yourself. It’s just that simple.

This is just a taste of what Geek Hard has in store for you as we’ll be dropping videos on the regular once again. Stay tuned for fantastic interviews and stories that made this past Fan Expo Canada 2016 a great time. We got some funny moments and interesting info. That’s entertainment that good and “good for you”!

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Mr. Green's Interview with Dana DeLorenzo was one of his highlights of Fan Expo Canada.

Mr. Green’s Interview with Dana DeLorenzo was one of his highlights of Fan Expo Canada.