Looks like this week’s episode of Geek Hard just got a whole lot more MARVEL-ous!

Geek Hard is happy to announce the inclusion of another guest on tonight’s episode. Joining Andrew and Mr. Green via phone will be Lorraine Cink! Lorraine is known to many for her connection with Marvel Entertainment as the Host and Writer of THWIP! The Big Marvel Show. The former Watcher has been bringing us Comedic Videos for Marvel for years and tonight, she’ll be on to tell us all about what goes down behind the scenes. She’ll also be on to chat about the new book she co-wrote, Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. It’s gonna be a blast as we chat about all things Marvel! EXCELSIOR! Here’s a quick bio on Lorraine:

422242_215887251841764_469812321_nLorraine Cink is a comedian and writer for Marvel’s weekly web shows, The Marvel Minute, THWIP! The Big Marvel Show, and Marvel Top 10. When not cracking jokes on stage, red carpet, or screen; Lorraine is a serious Marvel expert who really knows how to make her deep knowledge accessible and entertaining to a wide audience. She lives in the home of Super Heroes, New York City. Follow her adventures @lorrainecink.



Never saw THWIP! before? Here’s the latest episode:

For more on Lorraine Cink, check out her website and be sure to listen to our interview with her TONIGHT!

And that’s not all! We’ve still got an interview with the comic creator behind the awesome Dark Horse comic Lady Killer,  Joëlle Jones, as well as our review of the TIFF screening of Nirvanna the Band the Show (coming to Viceland this January)! It’s all coming your way TONIGHT! Listen LIVE! 7pm Eastern on the station that brings you this big, fun, killer show, www.realityradio101.com. Not a bad way to spend an evening, I’d say.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Don't miss Geek Hard tonight or Lorraine Cink may have to hurt ya!

Don’t miss Geek Hard tonight or Lorraine Cink may have to hurt ya!