This week we talk about a band that’s actually a show and a lady who’s definitely a killer!

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green will be joined by a very special guest via phone: comic creator Joëlle Jones! Her latest book, Lady Killer 2, is currently being published by Dark Horse Comics (Issue 2 hits stands this week!). The sequel to the successful Lady Killer miniseries, the comic follows Josie, a housewife who also happens to be a hitman. Now living in Florida, the woman has to juggle taking care of her husband and kids with her career and getting rid of a body or two. Joëlle will be on to tell us all about this new series and more! Here’s a quick bio on Joëlle:

sadakoandherpapercranesJoëlle Jones is an Eisner nominated artist currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. She most recently began writing and drawing her own series, Lady Killer, published by Dark Horse comics. Jones has also provided the art for  Superman: American Alien (DC), Helheim, Brides of Heleim (Oni Press) and Mockingbird (Marvel). She’s also done work for Boom! Studios, The New York Times, Vertigo and More! Joëlle will be taking on  projects for DC and Marvel this year as well as continuing her Series Lady Killer.

For more on Joëlle Jones, visit her website and be sure to catch our interview with her this Friday.

Also this Friday, the guys dip their toe into TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival) and give a review of the television show’s featured in the Primetime Program. Now in it’s second year, Primetime showcases upcoming t.v. shows that will be airing soon. This year, Andrew and Green got to check out 3 episodes of Nirvanna the Band the Show. Once a cult classic webseries released in the mid-2000s, Nirvanna the Band the Show is a brand new, revamped show premiering on Viceland in January 2017. The brainchild of filmmaker Matt Johnson (The Dirties), the show is about a band with only one goal: to perform at The Rivoli in Toronto. The series follows their harebrained antics as they attempt to book the gig of their dreams. Does it live up to the original web series? Will it live up to the hype? Find out this Friday when our experts weigh in on the matter.

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Is Nirvanna the Band the Show the next big comedy? Find our this Friday.

Is Nirvanna the Band the Show the next big comedy? Find our this Friday.