Originally Aired: 10/28/16

We play a track from Leslie Hudson’s upcoming album, Yeoman on the Bridge (A Star Trek concept album). Kirks and Khans the second single off the album, Yeoman on the Bridge. The reboots aren’t TOS so let’s debate, not hate. This is big box office fan fiction continuing the fine tradition of wearing goatees to temporal cold wars in mirror universes, that’s all.

We talk with Henry Zebrowski, a.k.a. Gary of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. The third season of Your Pretty Face….just began airing this past weekend on Adult Swim. Henry will be on to tell us all what to expect from Season 3 as well as talk a bit about his podcast, Last Podcast on the Left, a horror/comedy show that he hosts with Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks. Henry Zebrowski is an actor best known for his roles as Quentin Frady on NBC’s Heroes Reborn and as Gary on Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is going to Hell. He appeared as Alden Kupferberg in the acclaimed Martin Scorsese film, The Wolf of Wall Street and has made recurring appearances in College Humor Originals, Michael and Michael Have Issues, and A to Z.

Our look back at the 11th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 9 nights of horror and genre films that just ended off last week. Which movies were winners and which were hard to sit through?  We take a look back at the films of the fest including Best Short Film, Most Surprising Film and of course Best of the Fest. With 19 feature films and 29 short films there is a lot to choose from. Another successful year for this great film festival.

We also talk with Jackie Pirico. Jackie is one of the acts featured on Geek Hard’s upcoming LIVE stage show at Comedy Bar in Toronto on Saturday, November 12th. Jackie will be on to talk about the show as well as her career in comedy. Jackie Pirico became the newest member of the prestigious stand-up comedy collective Laugh Sabbath in 2015. Exclaim! Magazine named Jackie as a quickly rising force in Toronto Comedy. She will make her feature film debut next year in the 2017 comedy Sundowners.

It was a great show!

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