This Week, things get a bit magical as the battle rages on.

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard where Andrew will be bringing you some geeky goodness without the help of Mr. Green. Green will be off enjoying himself at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival while Andrew makes sure that there’s still enjoyment in all our listeners’ lives. But Andrew will not be coming to you solo. Mr. Green has provided a replacement for the evening and it’s not necessarily one that Andrew’s all that excited about.

img_9218-1Making her return to the program, multi-genre musician (and Andrew’s traditional adversary) Leslie Hudson will be joining us for the whole hour. Leslie’s got a new Star Trek-themed album that’s just weeks away from release as well as a brand new blog, AspieSpeak (from behind the eyes of an Aspie). You should totally check out both of these…..but her main reason for joining us is to oppose Andrew in their never ending war to get the last word. Not afraid to throw a well time cuss or uppercut, Leslie is always ready for a fight. (Andrew would never admit it on air, but Leslie is probably one of the toughest opponents he’s faced…..way tougher than Green.) Have their previous encounters on the show just been building towards this confrontation? Find out this Friday.


But that’s not all! Also joining us via phone will be concept artist and cartoonist Nicole Chartrand. She’ll be chatting with us about Shattered Starlight, one of two webcomics she currently produces weekly. Shattered Starlight is the story of Farah Shaughnessy, a former magical girl who used to protect Montreal from the forces of evil. It’s been a decade since those days and she’s now just trying to make it through her twenties like so many others living a big city. But just when she thought she was out, magic pulls her back in. Here’s a quick bio on Nicole:

comingsoon-1Nicole Chartrand is a concept artist in the game industry by day, and a comic creator by every other waking moment pretty much. She has a lot of feelings about video games, comics, manga, anime and fantasy/sci-fi novels. She lives in Montreal with her spouse, is probably drinking coffee right now and will definitely talk your ear off about Bloodborne if you give her half a chance. She also draws and writes the fantasy adventure webcomic Fey Winds, which also updates weekly!

Check out Shattered Starlight today and be sure to listen to our interview with Nicole Chartrand this Friday.

Of course, to complete our program, we’ll be bringing you yet another movie review! This week, we’re looking at The Accountant starring Ben Affleck (hitting theatres this Friday). Will all the action thriller elements be there to add up to a great movie? Find out what Andrew and Leslie think this Friday. Leslie’s not a huge fan of Affleck so this should be interesting.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station where a little magic never hurt anyone,

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Did Geek Hard make the wrong calculation by picking this to review? Find out this Friday.

Did Geek Hard make the wrong calculation by picking this to review? Find out this Friday.