This week we take a look at some heroes, both magical and street level.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard where Andrew and Mr. Green will be taking a special “behind the scenes” look at the Marvel Netflix Series with their special guest, Toni Barton. Toni has been the art director behind Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the upcoming Iron Fist shows and she’ll be calling in to chat about her experience working on these uber geeky projects. Be sure to listen as we get a to hear a unique take on these programs from someone who helped shape the look and feel of the environments they take place in. Here’s a quick bio on Toni:

xsbbyrvcToni Barton was born in Los Angeles & raised in Washington D.C. She earned her MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in art direction & scenic design. Toni’s design strategy is based solidly on collaboration in order to create an environment for the written word to inhabit. She recently wrapped shooting on Netflix/Marvel’s IRON FIST.  Working on LUKE CAGE, she was the art director & switched to production designer the last two episodes. Toni’s other recent credits include the first seasons of JESSICA JONES & DAREDEVIL.

For more on Toni, check out her website and be sure to catch our interview with her this Friday.

But it’s not just Marvel T.V. we’ll be talking about. There’s also a new movie hitting cinemas this Friday that’s putting some magic in the air: Doctor Strange. A staple of Marvel Comics since the 60s, Strange is one of those characters that not many thought would ever get their own film. But now we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme! The question is will he be any good? Find out the answer this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green stare into the Eye of Agamotto for enlightenment.

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Will Doctor Strange finally bring true magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Find out this Friday.

Will Doctor Strange finally bring true magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Find out this Friday.