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Comic books have produced a wide variety of colourful characters throughout the years. Some have become iconic while others have carved out a cult following. Marvel and DC have built their companies on fans’ attraction to many interesting creations over decades like Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and The X-Men to name a few. But not all characters are hits. Some never find an audience while others have moments of greatness within a sea of mediocre stories. This brings us to the topic for this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath: Creator vs. Character! Which is more important?

In this current day and age of the direct market, the internet comics community, and social media interactions between writers and artists and their fans, it’s easy to see how comic creators have become more important. When comics first came out, there was no promotion of the folks that made them. Now a book can be sold to an audience on the creative team alone, no matter the character. At the same time, Geoff Johns’ Aquaman wasn’t as big of a hit as Scott Snyder’s Batman. If the creator was all that was needed to sell a comic, shouldn’t the two have been on par in sales? Join us as we discuss the merits of creator and character alike on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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In the world of comics, which is more important: The creator or the character?

In the world of comics, which is more important: The creator or the character?