This week marks the last trade collecting Marvel’s Darth Vader comic book, marking the official end (for me at least) of one of the best Star Wars comics in years.

A major negative effect the prequels had was they took some of “the scary” away from Darth Vader. We got to see him as a little kid saying things like “Whoppee” and “wizard”. He then turned into a whiney teen and eventually we watched Obi Wan chop his legs off, leaving him to die on a lava planet.

In short, he was annoying. When he nearly died in a fire, we were all happy about it.

But in the Darth Vader comic, Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca not only brought back a sense of power to the character, they also introduced a bunch of new characters to the Star Wars universe that are equally as enjoyable. Between what we’ve seen in this series and what Jason Aaron and company’s contributions in the main Star Wars book, Vader has become an awesome force again.

So, without further ado, here are my favourite Darth Vader moments from Marvel’s Star Wars and Darth Vader so far.

Oh and if you haven’t read the comics, SPOILERS!




Vader finds out he has a son and the Emperor is full of crap


It’s a moment that many fans have never really given much thought to. By the opening titles of The Empire Strikes Back, Vader knows the name of Luke Skywalker and is hunting him and his compatriots down like a mad man. Now initially, it all makes sense. Vader would definitely want the punk kids who tarnished his upstanding, evil name, right? But we discover in both Star Wars and Darth Vader that it’s Boba Fett who passes the name Skywalker along to Vader. And Vader is mad! It’s a small moment but so well done by the creative teams, you get to see Vader realise that he’s been sold a bill of goods by the Emperor and it’s all done with the use of flashback, windows and a clenched fist.


Vader takes on an army of Rebels and we learn why Vader is feared


In the Vader Down crossover event, Vader is stranded and alone on a planet, holding a Rebel Alliance base. Realising this might be their only shot to get rid of Vader and take out the “Emperor’s fist”, the Rebels scramble to get to Vader and take him out.

And things go badly.


Vader gives a princess a rock


One of the subplots in Darth Vader revolves around the Emperor needing resources for his various battle stations, war efforts, tiki bars and such. One particular planet doesn’t want to so much to kneel before the Empire as it wants to deal with them. Vader gives them a rock as a simple reminder of how much power is at their command.


And these are just some of the highlights. Both Darth Vader and Star Wars have been really solid comics and I highly recommend grabbing all of the trades of both series.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!