Ah, the winter season is nearly upon us which means we have a few months to go before we hit full-fledged comic con season again. I will start mine a little early this year with Fan2Sea, which has an amazing lineup. Brian Azzarello, Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Waid are trapped on a boat with me so I’m pretty happy with how that one’s turning out.

But what about the Fan Expos? The TCAFs? We’re already starting to get some guest announcements (Fan Expo recently released the fact that Tim Curry will be appearing at the big show) so I figured now is the time to put forth my guest wish list in the case one or two guest bookers read this column and I might get my fanboy way. So here are five guests I would love to see at a convention near me in 2017.





With Stan Lee’s travel years ending shortly and the unfortunate march of time, Steranko is one of the last of his generation and we haven’t seen him for quite some time in Canada. An artist that helped change comics who I’d love to ask questions to in person (Steranko has a great twitter Q&A on Sunday nights that I highly recommend everyone check out). The man also has a million stories and would make for an amazing panel.



Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

One thing I have been saying for a few years now is that I would love conventions to do reunions of classic creative teams of great comic runs. This year I got my wish with the crew of DKIII (which included the main creators involved with The Dark Knight Returns) making the convention rounds as a unit. As a long time Turtles fan, it would be awesome to have both Eastman and Lair in the same place trading stories and signing comics.



Bruce Timm

So far, my Batman TAS set has signatures from Kevin Conroy and Paul Dini. Timm would be next on my “must have” list. I love his designs for that series so much. Best Batman series of all time. Beyond that, we haven’t seen much of Timm north of the border. He recently signed up as a guest for Fan Expo Vancouver later this month so here’s hoping he might hit Toronto as well.



Matt Wagner

I’m a huge fan of Wagner’s and I’m lucky to have met him a few years ago but he’s done so much since then. I’d love to be able to ask him about his work on The Shadow and inquire about the return of Grendel to comic shop shelves.



Kurt Russell

Now this is one that probably won’t happen and if it did, I’m not sure I could afford to do the signing. Kurt Russell at a convention would have me looking at how to get to that show. From his films with John Carpenter to Tombstone, I would have a hard time slimming down what items I’d want to get signed. While he’s a pretty active film star these days, if Russell was going to do the convention circuit, there wouldn’t be a much better time than this summer with his part in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

So that’s my convention wish list. What about you? Who would you like to see at a con this summer? Which conventions are you planning on going to? If you’re going to Fan2Sea, are you buying me a drink? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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