Tuesday, November 22nd marked the release of Yeoman on the Bridge, a new concept album from occasional Geek Hard guest/host Leslie Hudson. The album is a love letter to and dissection of all things Star Trek. Over the past year, Leslie has watched every episode and every movie the franchise has to offer, even the Star Trek animated series. She sat through all of Enterprise, for chrissakes. Her completist nature has lead to a 12 track tribute album that would warm the heart of any trekker, new or old.

As the first track on the album professes, Leslie is a “Next Gen Girl“. TNG was her gateway into Trek but pretty much all the series are covered here. Over the past few weeks, we’ve played a couple of the singles from this album on the Geek Hard radio show, like Kirks and Khans (a look at old Trek and new Trek that offers we “debate and not hate”) and Call the Doctor (a bluesy come on to any of the ship’s doctors throughout the many shows….except for Pulaski, of course).

The album features a number of great tracks but my favourite (after Next Gen Girl, which is a fantastic look at the original series from a TNG fan’s perspective) would have to be Captain’s Mess. The song shows the burdens of the various captains from each series through the eyes of his or her crew. Doesn’t matter if it’s Kirk, Picard, Sisko or Janeway, each have had their share of tough decisions and turmoil to deal with. This track serves as a little window from the outside looking in on each of our fearless leaders.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, there’s something here for you. If you’re a music fan, there’s something here for you. It’s 12 catchy tracks that happen to be about one of the biggest sci-fi properties of all time. Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you’ll find it hard not to enjoy this one. Speaking as a peripheral fan of Trek, I can happily say that the lyrics are inviting and the music is mesmerizing.

The album is available for download at Leslie Hudson’s Bandcamp which you can easily find the link to at lesliehudson.com. Buy yours today!

But for those that would like a physical copy…..you could try to win one in THE GEEK HARD CHRISTMAS STOCKING CONTEST!

That’s right! Yeoman on the Bridge from Leslie Hudson is a new addition to this year’s stocking hall! You could have your very own CD copy of this hot, new album. All you have to do is enter and you might win it along with everything you see below….and MORE!

Feast your eyes on some of the great prizes in this year's stocking!

Feast your eyes on some of the great prizes in this year’s stocking!

Here’s how to enter:


Email Andrew and Mr. Green at geekhardshow@gmail.com with “Christmas Stocking Contest” in the subject line.


Send us the answers to the following 3 questions:

  1. What is the name of Frosty’s Wife in the Rankin/Bass Classic, Frosty’s Winter Wonderland?
  2. What famous muppet made a special introduction at the beginning of the 1986 ABC Christmas Special, The Christmas Toy?
  3. In the film Fred Claus, what song is constantly played on a loop by the DJ Elf?


Include your mailing address in your email entry.



Listen to Geek Hard’s Christmas Episode on Friday, December 2nd (Live at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com) where we will announce the winner. The winner’s name will also be posted on this site on Sunday, December 4th.

So there you go. A physical copy of Yeoman on the Bridge, the Star Trek concept album from Leslie Hudson, can be yours (along with a full stocking of goodies) if your name is drawn on Friday, December 2nd. But don’t let that stop you from getting your hands on a digital copy TODAY. You may not know this but not picking up this album is against the Prime Directive. So hurry up and buy a copy right now!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Pick up Yeoman on the Bridge, available now!

Pick up Yeoman on the Bridge, available now!