Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.


stl018940-1-194x300TALES FROM THE CRYPT #1 $3.99 (Super Genius) – It’s back! Yes, yes, ya’ll. The greatest horror comic book of all time has risen from the grave care of Gerry Conway and friends… and the callous, cretinous, Crypt Keeper, of course! 3 creative teams! 3 tales of terror! 3 tasteless pun-filled titles! It’s all here and can all be yours again come Wednesday(Kris Johnson)

BLACK WIDOW #8 $3.99 (Mavel) – What’s worse than a child assassin? A child assassin trained by the new Red Room. Turns out one of these young girls is taking a field trip to the White House. Wonder what she might be up to there, eh? It’s up to the Widow and Weeping Lion to make an interception before ANYONE – The assassin or the target – is killed. No easy feat. Samnee and Waid continue to kick major ass on this title. Must reading for anybody who likes their Marvel Comics “Effects of Civil War II“-Free. (Andrew)

BATMAN ANNUAL #1 $4.99 (DC Comics) – Tom King has been pretty much killing it dead since he arrived on the comic scene and his work on the latest Batman relaunch has been no exception. If you haven’t sampled his run on the book, I recommend giving this stand-alone Annual tale a concentrated perusal to provide a perfect jumping-on point to the main series. Featuring several stories, the issue sees David Finch join the ex-CIA spook in bringing readers the touching origin of Ace, the Bat-Hound while a host of other top-level creators present additional wintery tales of the Dark Knight. And if you don’t back the Bat but know someone that does, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer! (Kris Johnson)

stl023486NO ANGEL #1 $3.99 (Black Mask) – We’ve seen this story a million times: an Iraq War vet on the run from a cult that’s out to kill her because they believe she’s the descendant of a bloodline that mated with supernatural beings. Wait….I actually think that sounds pretty new. The ad in Previews describes the book as, “a cosmological and conspiratorial modern Western in the style of Preacher meets Justified by way of Jodorowsky. “ Wow. Can we set the bar any higher? Why not just say it was written by Jesus? Well that would just be lying because it’s written by Eric and Adrianne Palicki. (Andrew)

YOUNG AVENGERS BY HEINBERG AND CHEUNG COMPLETE COLLECTION TP $34.99 (Marvel) –  A few years back Jim Cheung and Allan Heinberg came together to create a series that, on the surface, really shouldn’t have worked. I mean, this is basically just Marvel’s riff on the Teen Titans, right? But in the hands of two fantastic creators, the book was elevated well beyond what it seemed it’s base concept would allow. Hulkling, Wiccan, Stature, Hawkeye, Patriot and Iron Lad we all born here, and the Marvel has been the better for it ever since. Collecting the entire run of Young Avengers, this new hardcover finds the team battling back the forces of Kang, Mister Hyde, a freaking Skull invasion (featuring the Super-Skrull!) and even the Avengers themselves! Pick it up to experience as good a time as can be had reading superhero comics, friends. (Kris Johnson)

MONSTRESS #8 $3.99 (Image) – One of the best damn books of the year rolls on in all its kaiju-meets-steampunk glory. Maika and her friends are still on the hunt for answers and this hunt leads them out to sea. You should totally join them on this nautical adventure. (Andrew)

untitledMASK: MOBILE ARMORED STRIKE KOMMAND #1 $3.99 (IDW) Masked Crusaders, on a different stage, the comic page, the comic page! / Secret raiders, who will tantalize, when the book arrives, at the site! Trakker sorta leads the mission, and’ll maybe make his first decision! / M-M-M-M.A.S.K.!! / Its an IDW publicatiooooon ! / M-M-M-M.A.S.K.!! / This book spun out of Revolutioooon! / M-M-M-M.A.S.K.!! / Let’s watch them rattle V.E.N.O.M.’s cages! / Come see the pretty pages! / Read Away! (Kris Johnson)

DEADLY CLASS #24 $3.99 (Image) – Things have been rough for Saya and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any easier any time soon. She’s lost her new recruits once again and they’re not the most careful bunch. If they make it out alive against the Yakuza kill crew they’ve stumbled upon, it’ll probably be because Saya’ll saves their asses. Find out this Wednesday. (Andrew)

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #3 $3.99 (Image) – The third issue of the most buzzed about new comic going today rolls on down the pipe this week. Rick Remender and Jerome Opena spun gold on Uncanny X-Force and are doing it again with this new fantasy series. If you’re not reading it, I’m not gonna be able to explain it in the space of this blurb, but the visuals and concepts are unlike anything else you’ll be picking up this week. Opena was already considered a master by your pal Kris J Johnson, and he’s outdoing himself on this book. A must read. (Kris Johnson)

stl022664JUGHEAD #11 $3.99 (Archie) – So this whole “Sabrina/Jughead Conflict” has taken a new turn as Sabrina’s cursed Juggy and who knows what the Hell’s gonna happen now. What’s Sabrina’s deal, anyways? Oh….it turns out she’s gonna tell us this issue. Fancy how that worked out. Ryan North is bringing the jokes and Derek Charm is providing the pretty pictures, which is just the way we like it. It would be weird if they switched as they were each hired to do a specific job. Thank goodness they continue to do those specific jobs and we are rewarded with some hilarious, beautifully rendered comics! I love it when a plan comes together. (Andrew)


So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Black Widow #8

Black Widow #8