Hello friends. Welcome to the first installment of the 2016 Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide. Each Year, Mr. Green and I bring your our picks for the best gifts to buy the geek in your life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you some great gifts for all price ranges. This week, we’ll be taking a look at gifts priced under $300. Take a look and enjoy. You might find just the right gift to give that special someone.

Gifts Less than $300



Monstress Vol. 1: Awakening TP – $9.99

Alright, so if you heard our interview with writer Marjorie Liu back in April, you know all about this comic mixing steampunk and kaiju in an alternate matriarchal 1900s Asia. It’s the story of young girl who’s suffering the trauma of war while also dealing with a psychic bond she has with a monster of tremendous power. Full of great characters and featuring art by the always impressive Sana Takeda, this is one of the best comics to hit the stands in 2016. It’s great for the fantasy lover and at ten bucks, it’s a steal.



Anchor Goonies T-Shirt – $24.99

Goonies Never Say Die! An iconic phrase from an awesome 80s adventure film that’s fun for the whole family. Now you can wear that saying on your chest with pride with the new Anchor design t-shirt from Spencers. It’s 100% Cotton and machine washable. It’s also the perfect shirt to wear when being chased by escaped criminals on a pirate ship. Get this for the Goonies fan you know and they’ll be so happy, they’ll do the Truffle Shuffle.



Captain America Shield Waffle Maker – $24.99

What’s more American than a fattening breakfast? Why, a waffle imprinted with the design of the most recognizable shield in comics, of course. If you like to eat and you like Captain America, this is a no brainer. Start every morning reminding yourself which side of the Civil War you stood with……than pour some syrup on that bitch and have at it. Pack on those pounds in support of the Sentinel of Liberty.



The Fade Out Deluxe Edition Hardcover – $49.99

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips don’t just make comics. They make EVENTS. Their work stands as the hallmark of quality when it comes to what the sequential art medium can accomplish. A prime example of this is 2015’s The Fade Out, a 12 issue murder mystery set in the golden age of Hollywood. This award winning story is now collected in one big, beautiful, brand-spankin’ new Hardcover Edition. If you have a friend or loved one who loves crime noir and fantastic comics storytelling, this is the gift for them.



NES Classic Edition – $59.99

Okay, so this one’s a bit of a long shot as it’s sold out everywhere. Hell, there are folks online selling theirs for $200-$300 dollars a pop. But if you’re lucky enough to track one down, this celebration of the original Nintendo Entertainment System is perfect for the retro gamer on your list. Small enough to fit in your hand, this recreation of the original NES comes pre-loaded with 30 classic games and can connect to current television sets. It’s got Mario, Mega Man and tons of other favourites. This is the must have gift…..especially if you’re buying a gift for me.



The Art of Jock Hardcover – $80.00

One of the best and most respected artists working in comics today, Jock is a master at his craft. His art can be dark and moody or frenetic and full of life. He’s worked on some of the most iconic characters in graphic fiction with some of the best writers around. Now’s the time to “Drink it in, Maaaaaan!” with this fantastic art book celebrating his illustrious works. This is what the comic art collector you know wants for Christmas. You can bank on it. Make their Holiday bright with this masterpiece.



Community: The Complete Series DVD – $99.99

What was this show’s mantra? Oh right, Six Seasons and a Movie. We’ll, they got their six seasons….and at least three of them were good. That’s more than most sitcoms can say, right? For the completest, you can get the entire series for $100. It comes with cool extras like the Greendale Community College Yearbook. If you know a Human Being out there that’s sad that the show is over, this is a nice reminder of good times gone by.



Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection Blu-ray Box Set – $129.99

What’s the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek with the Trekker in your life? Well, one way is to get yourself a digital download of my adversary, Leslie Hudson’s new Trek Tribute Album, Yeoman on the Bridge (just $10 a download!). Another way is pick up this Annivesary TV and Movie Collection on Blu-ray. It’s the ultimate collector’s item for fans of the original series as it collects the 3 seasons of television, 6 movies and even the animated series. That’s a lot of Star Trek! Help them explore the Final Frontier all over again with this amazing gift.



Hot Toys Stan Lee Collectibles Stan Lee 1/6 Scale 12” Action Figure – $200.48

Hey Kids! It’s Stan THE MAN! He’s the author of our modern mythology and a master of marvelous cameos. Now you can put him on your shelf……well not the real him. Pretty damn close, though. Hot Toys has made an amazing 1/6 Scale action figure that will make a true believer out of anyone. Excelsior!



RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector – $280.05

It’s the perfect projector for the geek on the go. It connects with phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles. It’s compatible with HDMI devices and has a 90 minute battery life. It also works with mobile adaptors. This way, you can take that big picture feel wherever you go. Don’t really have to say anything else cause the product speaks for itself.


So that’s just a few suggestions for the nerd or geek on your shopping list. Next week, Mr. Green will be bringing you 10 more suggestions on what to buy. Come back for more of that!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!