This week on the show, things get a bit crude (so business as usual).

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard where Andrew and Mr. Green will be talking comics and sci-fi (also business as usual) along with a couple of cool cats hanging in the studio. Joining the guys for the entire hour will be comic creators Fred Kennedy and David Bishop. Fred is known to some as Fearless Fred both on the radio (102.1 The Edge) and television (Teletoon). He’s also been a long time indie comic writer with such works as Teuton and The Fourth Planet. David is also known for his indie comic contributions as a cartoonist on many works, including Of Stone and Squirrels. They’ll be on together talk about their collaboration on Crude, a new character set to debut in issue #2 of True Patriot Presents in 2017! Find out what this new character’s all about as well as a thing or two about both of our guests as we get intimate and interactive.

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Be sure to catch our interview with Fred and Dave this Friday.

But that’s not all. We’ve also got a movie review coming your way as we give our thoughts on Arrival, the new sci-fi starring Amy Adams as a linguistics expert. She’s been sent to communicate with an alien entity that’s shown up in our world and hasn’t really said what they want yet. Will it be a riveting cinematic event? Or will this be yet another extraterrestrial endevour that bears little fruit? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green tell you their thoughts in a language we all can understand.

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Will this mark the Arrival of a great new sci-fi film? Find out this Friday.

Will this mark the Arrival of a great new sci-fi film? Find out this Friday.