This week we talk with some crazy talented comic creators and go looking for FANTASTIC Beasts! Just another day at the office.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard where we’ll be coming down off the awesomeness that was last Saturday’s GEEK HARD LIVE by having a laid back episode for your listening pleasure. You know, nothing too big going on here……we just got AMANDA CONNER & JIMMY PALMIOTTI on the show. That’s all. No big deal, right? (The sarcasm meter is going off pretty loudly right now. I wonder why). Yes, Jimmy and Amanda will be calling in to talk about their upcoming appearance on the Fan2Sea Cruise (coming in January) as well as their amazing comic work on Harley Quinn and more. Here’s some quick bios on Amanda and Jimmy.

amanda-conner-1Amanda Conner began her professional art career  as an illustrator for New York City ad agencies. However, her love of comic books and cartooning soon led her to the comics world where she initially found work at companies such as Archie, Marvel, DC, and Claypool Comics. Her works include Vampirella, Painkiller Jane, Codename Knockout, Birds of Prey, Terra, Power Girl, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, as well as creator owned projects such as Gatecrasher (with co-creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Waid) and The Pro (with co-creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis).

With PaperFilms co-founder Jimmy Palmiotti, they are currently working on the highly received Harley Quinn series and other Harley Quinn related titles for DC Comics, in addition to several upcoming DC related projects. Garnering national attention and sales results, the team continues to receive accolades for their work on these titles.  The new relaunch of Harley Quinn for DC in the Rebirth line garnered an estimated 250,000 copies ordered.

jimmy-palmiotti-1Jimmy Palmiotti is a multi-award winning comic book creator with a wide range of experience and background in advertising, production, editorial, film writing, production, media presentation and video game development. Just a few of his clients include Nike, Disney, Warner Brothers, Lion’s Gate, Fox, and New Line, 2KGames and THQ Nordic. He is the co-founder of such companies as Event Comics, Black Bull Media, Marvel Knights and the current PaperFilms, where he is partners with Amanda Conner, Justin Gray, Frank Tieri and Paul Mounts.

He’s created and co-created numerous series and characters including: The Big Con Job, The New West, The Monolith, 21 Down, The Resistance, The Pro, Gatecrasher, Beautiful Killer, Ash, Cloudburst, Trigger Girl 6, Thrill Seeker, Queen Crab, Weapon of God, Sex and Violence, Denver, Hype, Abbadon, Retrovirus, Creator Owned Heroes and Painkiller Jane.  Currently in film development are a number of projects created by Jimmy, which include Just A Pilgrim, The New West, Random Acts of Violence, Monolith, Back to Brooklyn and Tempest; as well as well as Painkiller Jane being adapted for film.

For more about Jimmy and Amanda, check out their website and be sure to catch our interview with them this Friday.

But that’s not all! We’ll also take a trip to the local cinema to track down some magical creatures for our review of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Will it be a new world of excitement loosely connected to the Harry Potter-verse? Or will it end being the cash grab that it feels like? Find out what Andrew and Green think this Friday.

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Will it be Fantastic? Find out this Friday.

Will it be Fantastic? Find out this Friday.