Welcome back to the Geek Hard 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. We like to give you a look into the things we are really digging this holiday season. Also it gives me a chance to prepare for Christmas by seeing what’s available for me to give as gifts. Yes i still haven’t started my shopping yet… YET. In Part One of our gift guide, Andrew showed you some items under $300. I’ll be showing you some more this week. Let’s take a dive into the Ol’ Santa sack and see what is available for the good boys & girls out there. One of these items may be under your tree right now.

Gifts less than $300



Ghostbusters Little Golden Book – $3.91

Come on, you know you want it! Even if you don’t have kids, this is a really cool addition to any Ghostbusters fan collection. We all loved Little Golden Books when we were kids. Now you get that fun again, but this time with the Ghostbusters. What’s not to love about that?


Daredevil – Season One – Original Soundtrack 180gram LP – $25.00

Yes, vinyl. Vinyl is cool again. It even recently out-sold digital dowloads in the UK for the first time in over a decade. But with this LP, Mondo has done it again. Not only is it a staggering 180gram red vinyl LP, it also comes in a gate fold slip case with some really beautiful artwork. Having recently picked up the BTTF soundtrack from Mondo I can attest to the sheer quality of this product. Damn it, where’s my credit card? I’m not broke enough yet.


Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set – $29.99

On last year’s list I highlighted the Planetary glassware set. That was cool. This is freaking AMAZING! You get 6 10oz glasses representing the planets made famous in the Star Wars universe of films. Who doesn’t want to drink out of the Death Star (yes I know it’s like a small moon) or Hoth (I bet it keeps your drink nice and cold) or Alderaan (just don’t drop it, or maybe you want to)? This is a fun addition to your kitchen.


Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set – $31.31

With the upcoming release of Wonder Woman in theatres next year this is the perfect gift for the person who wants to read up on the amazon warrior’s comic book adventures. The set includes stories written by some of her best writers over the past 40 years: George Perez, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone and Brian Azzarello. There’s great art and story-telling to be had with this box set.


Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp – $49.99

What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want to read the adventures of their favourite boy-who-lived by the glow of this cool lamp? A great addition to your wizard’s room. This one was easy to pick out, especially since The Goblet of Fire is my favourite movie and book of the series. A very nice prop replica to have at home.



Star Wars Geeki Tikis – $79.99

Another super easy pick for me as I already own them. They are a cool way to celebrate Star Wars and have fun with your friends drinking mai tai’s, enjoying good company. All of the designs are cool and really work with the theme. Do or do not, there is no try.



Pokémon Bed-In-A-Bag – $89.99

I always try to add a Pokemon item to the list every year and when I saw this set, it was meant to be. Get all warm and snuggly with your Pokemon themed bed-in-a-bag. Now you really can catch ’em all! Too bad you can’t really play Pokemon GO! from bed, but I know you’ll try.



Mad Max High Octane Anthology Collection – $239.99

I have always been a Mad Max fan. This amazing set helps celebrates the almost 40 year journey of the franchise. This collection contains all of the films and includes the Black & Chrome edition of Fury Road. Plus you get the awesome Interceptor collectible to show off to all of your fellow War Boy’s.



Chirrut Îmwe Sixth Scale Figure (Deluxe Version) – $244.99

Okay, so Rogue One hasn’t been released yet. But let’s face facts: Chirrut Imwe is being played by Donnie Yen and he was the one who suggested the character be blind. I have very strong hopes that he will be the stand out character in of the movie. Plus this deluxe version comes with a Stormtrooper helmet to display with him. Every rebellion is built on hope.



Lego Star Wars Assault on Hoth – $249.99

This is the last item on my list and yes, it’s Star Wars based as well. Sue me. I love Star Wars, especially cool Star Wars Lego like this Assault on Hoth set.The part that absolutely sold me on it is that it comes with a Snow Speeder and the Wampa’s cave. It’s the set that keeps on giving. Plus you get a ton of minifigs with it. Add a Lego AT-AT and your set.

So there you go. Some cool gift ideas for this festive season. Next week Andrew is back again, this time with his stocking stuffer suggestions for those who would like to spend more.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!