Welcome back to Part 4 of the 2016 Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide. Each Year, Andrew and I bring your our picks for the best gifts to buy the geek in your life. In parts OneTwo & Three of our guide, we gave you stocking stuffers and showed you some gift options under $300 dollars. In the final entry, just in time for Christmas, I’m going to give you options to make sure you are in debt for 2017 and beyond. These are the toys that people with money to burn can buy for you. So if you don’t have a sugar momma or daddy it’s time to go get one. You’re going to need them for this list.

Let’s start off nice and slow to ease you into these gifts.

$300 and Beyond


Lego Death Star 75159 (2016 edition) – $599.99

Yes, it’s Star Wars. Get over it. I love the films and there is no way I’m not going to have some cool stuff under the tree that isn’t From a Galaxy Far, Far away… Of course it would also have it be Lego because Lego‘s always cool no matter how old you are. The hours of fun building the Death Star are incalculable and that’s glorious for the ultimate power in the universe!



Hulkbuster Sixth Scale Figure – $824.99

The best scene in Age of Ultron was the South African battle between an enraged Hulk and Tony in his Hulkbuster armour. As soon as “Veronica” shows up, we know we are going to get an awesome fight on screen.  And that’s exactly what we got. Now you can relive the fun with this 1/6th scale Hulkbuster suit that actually fits a 1/6th scale Iron Man figure inside. That is some very cool and expensive big-boy-toy action right there.


The Inflatable Twister – $2,000.00

Everyone has played Twister at some point. Usually quite badly (at least I did). Now you get a chance to recapture that infamous moment of glory with all your now grown-ass friends. Only don’t call it Twister. This is the Inflatable Outdoor Colour Dot Game… yeah, I just said that and that’s exactly what it is called on the site. I guess they never got the rights to called it what it really is.



Western Digital 24TB My Cloud PR4100 NAS – $2,013.68

This one is personal for me. I REALLY want one for my own home entertainment setup. I have collected a lot of digital movies over the years from my Blu-ray collection and iTunes. This little bad boy will allow you to store 24TB to watch all the movies & TV you want. Plus music, photos etc. This is perfect, especially if you use something like Plex to enjoy streaming your content.


Fan2Sea is sporting a stellar lineup for a First Year Con. Get on the boat for this one.

Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise – $2,992.00

We have gotten to speak with Stefan Lawrence, the organizer of this event, as well as Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner who will be in attendance for this amazing convention on a cruise ship. That’s right, you will be locked on a ship for the duration of this 4 day cruise with some great comic creators, celebrities and cosplay guests. It is a great way to kick off 2017 and forget all about the shit show that was 2016.



Life-Size R2-D2 – $7,450.00

And Star Wars is back on the list! But this will be the last time for this year. Here we have the best droid a moisture farmer from the outer rim could ask for. A life size replica of R2-D2 to display in your home for all your friends running off to the Imperial Academy to be jealous of. I have zero room for such an awesome addition but you can bet I would find some for this guy. Now to find that restraining bolt.



Life Size Mechanical Grand Dragon – $22,390.00

I ran across this when my girlfriend sent it to me to look at. It was for sure going to make the list this year. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a life size animatronic dragon for their home? Give your head a shake of course if you want this at home. It’s fantastic and a great way to scare people when it starts moving around, now that’s entertainment!



Amphibious ATV – $49,000.00

Equal parts M.A.S.K. and G.I. Joe, this bad boy will get you where you need to go on land or water. This almost makes me want to go camping to have a legit reason to own one. Well, besides chasing down Cobra and V.E.N.O.M. to save Springfield from the clutches of evil everywhere! Sorry, I’m a little stuck in my 80’s reverie. It is still super awesome and I want one.


Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton – $100,000.00

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Right, no one! If you don’t like them, you are a fucking monster with a black pit where your heart should be. So run out and grab this life size T-Rex for the dino-hunter in your life and make them the happiest person on the planet. Sure, you don’t have the space for this beautiful creature, but you can make room. Just knock out a couple of walls and a ceiling or two. BAM! The king of the dinosaurs is yours.



Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane – $1,500,000.00

Not only is it a super cool personal aircraft that holds 4, it’s in rose gold. Nothing says opulence and extravagance like this plane. When you land this into an airport, everyone will stop and stare because really, who flies a rose gold airplane? You do! That’s who. Now just add a chain gun and some stinger missiles and you’re all set to rule the airways, captain!

So there you go. Some cool gift ideas for this festive season. That’s it. We’re done for this year! Come back next year for more of our top picks for cool gifts for the nerd in your life.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!