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This week, we take a look back on a series that took Marvel to the streets and exposed the seedy underbelly of the 616 Universe: Alias. From the mind of Brian Michael Bendis with artwork from Michael Gaydos and covers by David Mack, Alias was the first series of the Max Imprint (Marvel’s mature reader line which debuted in 2002). The series followed Jessica Jones, a former superhero turned private eye who worked cases that were a bit above the skills and experience of your regular detective. Although she left her superhero life long ago, there are many elements from that world that keep popping up in her day to day interactions. The book was a new perspective on the world of those with superpowers, showing that not everyone wants to put a cape and is probably one of the darkest books that Bendis has ever written for The House of Ideas.

Join us as we explore the world of Alias and talk about what made it different from other comics of its era. Fair warning, there are a number of mature themes discussed regarding the series, especially when talking about the first issue. We get a little more blue than usual. Don’t worry, we don’t linger. But we do get pretty in depth regarding the comic. It’s all waiting for you on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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One of the greatest works by Brian Michael Bendis, we look back on Alias on this week's Bloodbath.

One of the greatest works by Brian Michael Bendis, we look back on Alias on this week’s Bloodbath.