It’s the end of the year and I don’t know about you, I’m really busy.

Like, super busy.

You see dear readers, I got myself a new day job. Combining that with my planning of various things for Fan2Sea, I barely have time to myself right now. Luckily, I have something of an easy column this week.

This is my Favourite Stuff of 2016 Column!

Long time readers will know, I tend not to do traditional “Best of” lists. I have a limited budget for all of my geekery. This means I can’t read everything or go to every movie, so I feel labelling something that I really liked the “Best” isn’t entirely true or fair. But what I can do is tell you, the readers, my favourites of what I saw, listened to or read this year. Some of these might be surprises, some of them will definitely not. But all of these were great… in my humble opinion.

Favourite Movie of 2016: Green Room

I wrote an entire column about this film in the hope that some more people might check it out and the same goes for its inclusion here. Anton Yelchin is fantastic as a member of punk band being terrorized by white supremacists and Patrick Stewart delivers a performance that should be recognized by every single award show out there. In a year where I saw a lot of movies that I loved, this is my favourite of the bunch.


Favourite Home Viewing Release: The Thing Collector’s Edition (Shout/Scream Factory)

Shout Factory does it again with John Capenter's The Thing Director's Cut Blu-ray.

In a year where we got a ton of great blu-ray releases of new films and re-releases of old ones, this was a really hard pick. In the end, Scream Factory’s release of John Carpenter’s masterpiece won out just due to the sheer amount of hours I spent on it. I went through every little extra on these discs and watched the film itself, with it’s glorious new transfer, multiple times. This is the version of The Thing I’ve always dreamed about.


Favourite TV Show: Star Wars: Rebels


I’ll be honest, at first this was a three-way tie between Rebels, Supergirl and The Flash. Rebels won out as it’s the only one out of the three that I can’t wait for every week. I have to watch it as soon as I can whereas the other two can usually stew for a week or two. Rebels is not only some of the best Star Wars storytelling out there, it’s also really well put together. It seems to balance important plot points with other stories incredibly well. And everything seems to serve the overall plot. Fantastic show week in, week out.


Favourite Graphic Novel or Trade Paperback: Wonder Woman The True Amazon


Hands down, my favourite book of the year. Jill Thompson not only wrote an amazing Wonder Woman fable but also managed to do an amazing job painting it as well. This will be one of those books I will recommend to people for years to come.


Favourite On-Going Comic Book Series: Doctor Strange


Jason Aaron and his take on the good doctor has managed to dethrone my beloved Turtles from this slot for the first time in a while. Don’t get me wrong, IDW’s TMNT comic is still great but it’s really hard to argue with how good Strange is right now. Aaron has pulled in nice little bits and pieces from the Strange mythos while still creating new and fresh stories. If you saw the film and liked it, you would have very little issue getting into this comic.

On a side note, if I picked a writer of the year, it would be Jason Aaron due to the sheer quantity of quality books he writes. Currently I’m picking up Doctor Strange and Star Wars as monthlies and Southern Bastards in trade paperback. I’ve heard good things about his new Thor book too.


Favourite Wrestling Match: Will Ospreay vs Ricochet (Best of the Super Juniors)

A match that got a lot of attention and rightfully so. This is just poetry to a wrestling fan. I had been following Ricochet for awhile but wasn’t too familiar with Ospreay up until this match. Now I’m a fan. If you like this but want something a little different, I highly suggest checking out Ospreay’s work with “The Villain” Marty Scrull.

And there you have it. My favourite things from 2016. What were yours? List them in the comments below and remember kids…

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!