Last week a little movie called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out…


By this point you’ve been flooded with reviews of the film (the most important being Green and Andrew’s of course) so there’s probably not a lot I can add. Here’s a brief review.

Rogue One sits in a weird space for me where I have to go see it again. I loved the movie but didn’t have the same emotional response that I did when The Force Awakens‘ opening crawl first appeared on the screen. I also think that Rogue One was a better-made film than Force Awakens. It had a great look and a great feel and I think most importantly, it showed what many of us Star Wars fans have been saying for years. You can do a different type of Star Wars film. It doesn’t have to be in the same formula that Lucas created and it doesn’t have to follow the Skywalkers and their family drama. You can do a war movie. You can do a heist film (God I’m hoping the Han Solo movie is an Ocean’s 11-style flick). It doesn’t have to be Jedi and Sith all the time.

Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about some Jedi.


If you’ve been following my column (or at least since last week’s article), you know that my current favorite Star Wars to watch is Rebels. I love the characters, I love the stories, I love the animation, and Chopper runs neck and neck with R2-D2 and HK-47 for my favorite droid of all time. One of my favorite things that Rogue One did was not ignore the fact that Rebels exists.


It would have been really easy. It’s a cartoon that has a great following among Star Wars fans but the general public probably doesn’t know a huge amount about it. Honestly, while I was expecting some crossover between the two projects, I expected it more on the Rebels end of things. But while I got small bits in Rogue One, they lay a very interesting foundation for a possible future season of Rebels.

We had known since the summer that Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera would be in Rogue One, so there was a solid chance we would see the character on Rebels. What we didn’t know for sure was that Forest Whitaker would be coming to Rebels to voice him.


We also didn’t know just how many Rebels Easter Eggs would be littered through Rogue One. These Easter Eggs lead to an interesting set of possibilities for the future of the show. We got pretty good evidence that that was the Ghost heading into the space battle as Chopper makes a very, very brief cameo and we hear over the loud speakers a page for General Syndulla. Sure, it could be Hera’s dad, but we found out this week that it was definitely Hera.


Dave Feloni, he of cowboy hat and master of Star Wars animation confirmed all of the Rebels cameos as 100% true. Rogue One takes place a few years after the current season of Rebels, so we now have some interesting ideas to play with. Mainly, Hera and the Ghost were at the battle of Scarif and she’s now a general.

But who’s on that ship with her?

Dave Feloni has presented a really interesting idea that sounds to me like the perfect way to end Rebels as a series (or at least this era of Rebels). Feloni has mentioned that it would be a great idea do part of a future Rebels season revolving around the battle of Scarif but from the crew of The Ghost’s perspective. Now in my mind, wouldn’t that be a great spot to end this iteration of Rebels? Have the crew barely escape the battle with their lives and the next season can jump forward to the period in between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back?

Whatever happens, this has made me more pumped for Rebels than I was last week.

Let’s hear your ideas. Share your Star Wars Rebels story arc ideas in the comment section below.

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Very excited to see how Rogue One plays into Star Wars Rebels in the future.

Very excited to see how Rogue One plays into Star Wars Rebels in the future.