This week is a quick one and rather personal but I hope as most of you are usual readers, you will kind of understand. For those of you who are new to my column, come back next week for more talk about comics, toys and movies.

Last year was a rough year for me professionally. Late in 2015, I was let go from what was essentially a dream job. I thought with the experience that I had gained, it would be a relatively quick turn over to my next freelance gig.

It was not.

In fact, I came to find out that all of those artists you hear talking about being offered work for exposure were completely on the money. I got offered a ton of work with no paychecks to be attached. It was a really hard road to walk and I honestly thought about giving up on writing entirely and going back to factory work.

Fortunately, I had Geek Hard.

To break the kayfabe of the show, James Green, and Andrew Young are in actuality, very nice guys. When I first got let go, they welcomed me back into the Geek Hard family with open arms and with enthusiasm for me being back. Anytime I felt like giving up writing completely, it was usually one or the other who talked me back into it and not in an overbearing way. Usually, they’d just make a suggestion on what I could write about next or something for me to review and it was mainly to my benefit.

This column has kept me writing a regular piece, one day a week, for over a year now. It’s kept my skills sharp and my keyboard relatively strong.

And eventually, things got better.

I started getting a little bit of freelance work. Then I got the gig with Fan2Sea which is completely amazing. I got a few job interviews and eventually landed a full-time copywriting gig in part to the fact that I kept up my writing skills.

So in the spirit of the season and in an effort to keep my karma clean, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some people who made what was a rough year in my professional life, a much better one.

Mr. Green and Andrew Young: Thank you for continuing to allow me a place in this weird internet family. I would have assumed I’m the creepy uncle of that family but I’m pretty sure Kris Johnson claimed that role. Thank you for giving me a space to do pretty much whatever I want. Why I keep volunteering to do bad movies, I’ll never know but I love being on the show. Also, I want to take this moment to try and claim dibs on the Blade Runner sequel episode.

To Jeff Woods: Thank you for letting me interview you and for just being a bud. It’s always awesome when you meet someone you’ve respected for years and they turn out to be every bit as cool as you had hoped they would be. To those of you reading, check out Jeff’s book and podcast, all available at

To the Pub Night Folks: Ryan, Kevin, Ed Campbell (a.k.a. Snowhawk Cosplay), other Ed, and Calvin. Thank you for being a consistent source of topic ideas for this column. If it wasn’t for our Thursday meet ups, I may have ran out of ideas a while ago.

To my lovely wife: Thank you as always for not giving up on me and my dreams and not allowing me to give up on them either.

And to all of you readers (all twelve of you): Thank you for reading. I hope this column brought a little bit of something into your lives, even if it was for only a few minutes. Thanks once again for reading. I just wish you would comment more so I could actually hear from a few of you.

We live in a world that is both wondrous and stupid. Take solace in the good things in life and try to not let the bad knock you down. If you get knocked down, try to get back up and knock that sonovabitch right in the face.

My best to you all in 2017

Brent Chittenden

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Brent starting up his stride for a creepy uncle hug. Stay out of the water, kids.

Brent starting up his stride for a creepy uncle hug. Stay out of the water, kids.