2016 is on it’s way out and while I rarely think a year is completely terrible, this was the year where a number of my heroes passed and the United States decided to do something different with it’s government to the fright of the majority of the planet.

It was the year we lost Bowie, Prince, Cohen and Frey. We lost Ron Glass, Anton Yelchin and Gene Wilder. We lost Steve Dillon and Darwyn Cooke.

Up until this year, I had really felt an emotional gut punch from the death of a celebrit. This year felt like I just went five rounds.

While I’m not one to be happy that a year has passed, to 2016 I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

Right now, 2017 is a ray of promise. Sure, an orange cheeto masquerading as a man is the head of one of the most powerful countries in the world, but in terms of pop culture there’s tons of things to look forward to. With this column, I attempt to show us that the glass is going to be half full… well at least in regards to movies, comics, music and television. Here are my picks for what to look forward to in 2017.

Star Wars VIII



I am two days away from seeing Rogue One and I am excited. It should be noted, 2017 brings us Luke Skywalker and hopefully, some kickass lightsaber duels. We currently have no trailer or details but I have faith that Rian Johnson will bring us something amazing.

Katie Cook Writes Sabrina!



Katie Cook is one of my favourite comic creators. She’s also a funny and intelligent writer that brings something to all of her comics that’s lacking in most books: FUN! Katie is bringing her talents to Archie for a Sabrina the Teenage Witch One Shot (along with her pony artist Andy Price), co-writing with Franco of Tiny Titans fame. Katie is a perfect fit for this character and honestly, the only thing that would be better is if someone got her to do a Harry Potter comic.

Adam Gorham draws TMNT Universe!



It’s no secret that we at Geek Hard like Adam Gorham. He’s a nice guy, humble about his talent, and he’s keeps getting better and better. Makes me curious how much I can get for a Swamp Thing piece I bought from him years ago. Adam has been doing some great work for Valiant but now, he’s going to be doing some work with the heroes in a half shell. We don’t have all of the details but Adam is drawing two issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe where Donatello repairs Metalhead. Adam has posted a few previews on his Facebook page. I want to BUY ALL OF THE PAGES! As a side note, Adam teased me the other day that he’s got a big announcement in the new year… start placing your bets now.

Run the Jewels – RTJ3


I’m not a big hip hop guy but there are a few acts that I follow and with Trump as President-Elect, the world needs a new album from Run the Jewels now more than ever. A bit of social consciousness, killer lyrics and a wise-ass attitude, Run the Jewels are a great duo that stand to make some great strides with this album.

Spider-Man: Homecoming



Whether you were a fan of the Toby McGuire era or the Andrew Garfield version, I think everyone agrees that both versions, while each having their good points, don’t quite hit the mark. Tom Holland might be able to succeed where they failed. It’s pretty universal that he was one of the best parts of Civil War but will his Spidey be the one everyone has wanted?

The Marvel Netflix Shows



We’ve got Iron Fist and The Defenders on the horizon and I’m rather looking forward to both. What I love about the Netflix Marvel shows is that they don’t really show that much in advance. We get the general parameters but that’s about it. All we know about Iron Fist is that… well, it’s about Iron Fist. All we know about The Defenders is that it’s the team-up series of all the shows. I’m dying to know how both of them will play out. And what about that rumour about those pilots they shot last year? Was it just rumour internet b.s. or are we going to get something really neat at the end of The Defenders?

What are you looking forward to in 2017? There’s a ton of stuff coming our way but I’d love to hear what you are waiting for. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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