Originally Aired: 12/09/16

We discuss the news of the week. Photonic propulsion theory is going be tested as possible next step for space exploration. Marvel announces digital shorts called Slingshot about Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez dealing with a new mission after she signed the Sokovia Accords. Scott Buck (Netflix Iron Fist) as been announced as showrunner for Inhumans. The passing of astronaut John Glenn.

Our review of DC/CW’s 4 Night Event Invasion! on Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starring Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz. Synopsis: When a meteor crashes in Central City, Barry Allen arrives to discover the meteor isn’t a meteor but an alien spaceship. Now, he must call upon the aide of Oliver Queen, the Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl to help fight them before Earth meets its end. However, while everyone is on board to fight the evil threatening the planet, it doesn’t mean they are all friends.

We also talk with one of the stars of Letterkenny, the successful Crave TV original comedy series set to begin their second season on Christmas Day! That’s right, the show about a town full of hicks, skids, horny Christians and hockey players will be back for another round of streaming enjoyment on December 25th. On the phone will be Michelle Mylett who plays Katy, the younger sister of series star Wayne (played by show creator Jared Keeso) who she tries to keep in line when she’s not hanging out with hockey players. Michelle talks about the success of the show and let us know what we can expect from Season 2. Michelle Mylett starred as Sam in the 2013 Horror/Sci-Fi Antisocial as well as it’s sequel, Antisocial 2. She has also made guest appearances on hit television programs The Strain and Lost Girl. In 2016, Michelle was a cast member in 2 Canadian television series: Letterkenny for Crave TV and Four in the Morning for CBC.

It was a great show!

Plus for our Patreon supporters, our latest Geek Hard Extra After Credits segment discussing the mid season finale of CW’s Flash which is a turning point in the season.

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