Hello again readers! Today we will be travelling through the world of fantasy adventure within the medium of comics. Imagine you were given the power to communicate with and raise the dead. What would you do with such frightening and resourceful powers? Would you use them to do good; right the wrongs of others and avenge those who you lost? Or would you hide them for fear of how others would see you and treat you? These are the questions pondered by the young heroine and necromancer Bethany in Michael Christopher Heron and Andrea Fort’s Songs for the Dead. Will she be a hero or a weird, misunderstood outcast? Let’s take a look at Songs for the Dead Issue One.

Our story begins with our heroine Bethany, a travelling minstrel looking for adventure who’s on a mission to do good. Taking a notice from the news board in the town square of Alavash, she takes on a job looking for Emory Van Craggon; a fifteen-year-old boy who is believed to be captured by bandits. Not looking for a reward or praise, Bethany sets off to rescue Emory. Finding him dead in the forest, she uses her hidden powers to raise his body back to life. Revealing herself as a necromancer to the confused, un-dead spirit of Emory, Bethany confesses her desire to not only bring the bandits that killed him to justice, but to also use her powers to help people. By doing so, Bethany hopes to give a more positive image to necromancers within this world of judgment and persecution. Will she and Emory find the bandits and atone for his murder? Will she find others who possess powers like herself? And will she succeed in doing good to clear the tainted image of necromancers everywhere?


Artwork from Songs for the Dead Issue One

I loved this comic. Bethany is such a likable character and is very engaging to the reader. From beginning to end she is relatable, strong, independent and funny. Through her compassionate personality to her determined and selfless nature, she is a character you not only love, but also get behind. Her thirst for adventure is addictive. She makes the reader want to see where her powers will take her and how people will react to her positive attitude and quick wit.

I loved the adventure and magic that fills this comic. My interest was piqued right from when Bethany first raises Emory. I was hyped for the journey they set out on. The setting of this comic creates a perfect backdrop for the challenges that Bethany is going to face along the way. Having kept her powers a secret till now not only emphasizes the many risks ahead of her, but creates suspense when her magic is used and revealed to others. Her ability to raise the dead is visually haunting, resourceful, and at times, humorous throughout the adventure.

I also really enjoyed the un-dead squirrel that accompanies Bethany on her journey. Fantasy adventures usually have an animal sidekick and it was creative to see how Bethany uses her powers to bring her cute, un-dead companions along for her adventures. The other characters she meets and challenges along the way are mysterious, cunning and ruthless. Readers will be drawn into the story by their motives and will long to discover the secrets behind these characters. The end of the issue is exciting and suspenseful, hooking the reader to come back for more epic adventures and thrilling conclusions.


Artwork from Songs for the Dead Issue One

The art of the comic is beautiful and compelling. The work of both Sam Beck and Deron Bennett draw you into this world, making readers feel the intensity of both the violence and magic used throughout the story. The cover art by Nick Robles is both enchanting and haunting. Readers will delight in the brilliant images and will not hesitate to discover the tale of Songs for the Dead.

 If you are looking for a brilliant adventurous fantasy story with beautiful and thrilling visuals, this the comic for you. Michael Christopher Heron and Andrea Fort’s strong female lead will delight and entertain you throughout her journey of suspense and mystery. I recommend Songs for the Dead to anyone looking for a tale of magic, heroism, and venture. I cannot wait to read more of Bethany’s adventures in issue two. You can find out more about the series at songsforthedead.com

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Songs of the Dead #1

Songs of the Dead Issue One