Christmas is a special time of joy an magic. It’s also the season of time-honoured traditions. If there’s one thing that Geek Hard knows how to honour, you better believe it’s traditions! This year is no different. As always, we started off our December with our annual 80 Minute Christmas Special. What a special it was. There were reviews of old Christmas specials and comics, our famous “Christmas Movie Swap”, and “Alex James Christmas Trivia”. But the crown jewel of the night was the premiere of Geek Hard’s 2016 Christmas Carol.

Every year, Andrew takes a long, hard look back on what’s happening in the world of geekdom and writes a festive song to comment on it. This year, he decided to address a major problem in the comics industry that’s been going on for FAR TOO LONG!

That problem is “Event Books” – company wide crossover events headed up by a special miniseries or one-shot comic that effects practically every character under the sun. Marvel and DC are the biggest perpetrators of this with their annual (or in Marvel’s case, quarterly) miniseries that “change the status quo” of their respective comic universes. It would be fine if the mini just stood on it’s own as a solo adventure where all your favourite heroes team up. But the series usually brings with it a number of “tie-in” books, so you’re not getting the whole story if you don’t read ALL OF THEM! What about those who want to ignore the whole event? Too bad. The characters you read will be spending their regular issues either actively involved in the “Crisis” or talking about it non-stop.

It’s unfair to hold your readership hostage like this, making them buy books that are essentially just set ups for the next crossover event down the line. It’s high time someone said what all the readers were thinking. And that’s where Andrew’s latest song comes in. Joining him on guitar and back up vocals is Alex James, accomplished musician and longtime friend of the show. Alex also wrote the music to accompany Andrew’s lyrics. So without further ado, here it is:



Lyrics by Andrew Young, Music by Alex James. Performed by Andrew and Alex.


We hope this latest piece of Christmas Magic has touched your heart and you will join the fight in stopping these company-wide crossover events.

If you’re gonna geek out, Geek Festive and GEEK HARD!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Geek Hard!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Geek Hard!