Welcome back to Part 3 of the 2016 Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide. Each Year, Mr. Green and I bring your our picks for the best gifts to buy the geek in your life. In parts One and Two of our guide, both Mr. Green and I showed you some gift options under $300 dollars. This week, I’ll be showing you some pretty cool stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to make any geek squeal with delight…..well maybe not squeal, but they’ll be pretty damn excited. What makes these suggestions even better is that they’re all priced under $50, so they won’t break your bank. Check out these options that will show them you care while you save a little money.

Gifts Less than $50



What Would Captain Kirk Do? Intergalactic Wisdom from the Captain of the USS Enterprise Paperback – $7.99

What Would Captain Kirk Do? A question that many a globe-trotting adventurer have asked themselves when stuck in a sticky situation. Thanks to this paperback guide you now exactly what James T would. Through a collection of scenarios, the Captain shows just how to handle yourself in order to overcome a multitude of obstacles and conflicts. The man knows how to love and how to fight. Pretty sure he’ll have a few good pointers to pass on.



Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Light Up Keychain – $9.99

1.21 JIGAWATTS! That’s what’s needed to power the Flux Capacitor in Back to the Future. As for this pocket-sized edition, a battery is all you need. Perfect for any fan of Marty and Doc Brown, or even someone who likes things that light up. Roads? The person you’re giving this to doesn’t need roads…..but they will need keys.



Die Hard: The Authorized Colouring and Activity Book – $10.50

The greatest Christmas Film of ALL TIME has got a very special treat out this year with it’s authorized colouring and activity book. A great gift for the John McClane superfan, this colouring book covers all the major movie moments from the limo ride to the famous last words! There are folks I know who would walk over broken glass to get their hands on this. Don’t make them do that. Just put it in their stocking and when they take it out, they can say, “Now I have a Colouring Book. Ho, Ho, Ho.”



Green Room on Blu-ray – $12.99

Hands down, one of the best movies of the year and at $13, it’s a steal. If there’s a horror fan in your house, this film is will be their favourite stocking stuffer, guaranteed. A fantastic performance from the late Anton Yelchin, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat as you see him and his punk band friends stuck in the green room of a Neo Nazi clubhouse. They’ve witnessed a murder and are next on the skinheads’ clean up list. Patrick Stewart also delivers a sinfully amazing performance as the night club owner and all around evil fuck. Worth watching. Worth owning. Worth stuffing.




Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History Hardcover – $16.90

If you read Sarah Young’s review earlier this year (or pretty much any review of this book) you already know that this is a fun and informative read about some of the most amazing women in history. Written by Sam Maggs, the book is very accessible and the illustrations by Sophia Foster-Dimino are a real treat. Drop some knowledge in their stocking this year.




Concealable NES Cartridge Flask – $19.99

Great for the gamer who also enjoys a drink or two. And not only does it give you a practical way to store your alcohol on the go, it also provides hilarious parody game labels as well as a level of nostalgia in a container you can’t help but love. There are several game labels to choose from like Drunk Hunt, Bar Hop Bros,, and Kega Man. Take the fun with you wherever you go.




Transformers: The Movie – $21.50

It’s been 30 years since this cult classic animated movie hit theatres. Best known for Optimus Prime biting the big one, the film introduced us to a new generation of Autobots, Decepticons and more, underscored by an un-apologetically goofy soundtrack. We’ve talked in length about the film on our show and we’ve featured a full review of the Blu-ray (which is obviously more than meets the eye!), so I feel anything else I could say has already been said. Pick it up for that bot-loving fiend in your clan.



WWE: Living on a Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story Blu-Ray – $24.99

Say hello to the Bad Guy…..who mostly wrestled as a good guy in the WWE, so the moniker is not really that accurate. Scott Hall has lived a pretty crazy life both between and beyond the ropes, dealing with life changing and life threatening events on the regular. A story about redemption, the Scott Hall Story is the perfect stocking stuffer for the wrestling fan you’re shopping for. Not only that, it features some fantastic matches from the mid-nineties that they’ll want to see again…..or for the first time. Check it out, chico.


Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger – $29.99

It’s a charger that lives in your car with not one, but TWO USB ports. It’s also a replica of one the cool, NEW Star Wars characters. And to top it all off, the head moves. Sold. This is a done deal. They want it, so you buy it. It’s that simple.




Star Trek 50th Anniversary Pin Set – $29.99

I know we’ve already had one Star Trek item on here earlier but there’s always room for one more…..or in this case, a few more. Probably the coolest looking pin set this side of the neutral zone, this will put your little trekker’s heart into warp drive and you won’t even need any dilithium crystals to power them. Live long and prosper….and buy this pin set. That’s the rest of the saying, right?

So here’s 10 great stocking stuffer ideas for the geek or nerd in your life. Pick ’em up today and stuff away on Christmas Eve. There’s only one more installment of the Geek Hard Holiday GIft Guide for this year and it’s for all you rich geeks out there. Be sure to be back next Wednesday as Mr. Green reveals the hottest geek gifts for those who have barrels of money to burn.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!