This week we take a look at absurd mercenaries and time-traveling hitmen……that sounds about right.

13103453_10153421672466540_7135977345290152744_nDon’t miss this Friday’s show as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you the perfect way to start your holiday weekend. Nothing says Christmas like talking to indie comic creators, right? That’s why joining us, via phone, will be indie comic book writer Eben Burgoon. Eben’s been creating comics for the past ten years and he’ll be on to talk about his current series, B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune. We’ll talk with Eben about the series and more this Friday. Here’s a quick synopsis on B-Squad:

comixologycoverB-Squad is made up of expendable misfits.They are mash-ups of pop heroes, outright weirdos, and B-level talents thrown together and sent out on action/adventure missions that are seasoned with the absurd. Every issue, one of the 6-person team will be killed off the series permanently. The “who” is selected at random by a dice rolled in secret by the author while writing the active story arc.


For more on Eben, check out his website and be sure to catch our interview with him this Friday.

But that’s not all! Geek Hard heads to the movies to check out Hollywood’s latest attempt to adapt a video game franchise: Assassin’s Creed. Will this live up to the legacy of the game series? Or will it be yet another video game property improperly handled by the film industry? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green give their two cents on the matter.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect. Right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station that’s never expendable, Spend an hour with us on this joyous occasion to hear about comic books and movies that feature a lot of death….yeah, I guess we should’ve made this more festive. Whatever. It’ll still be fun.

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Will Assassin Creed assassinate the box office. Hear our prediction this Friday.

Will Assassin Creed assassinate the box office. Hear our prediction this Friday.