2016 is in the rear view, but we’ve still got a few things to say about it. This Friday on Geek Hard, we’ll be bringing you a special 90 minute episode counting down the Best of the Best Movies, Comics and Television shows that the previous year had to offer. Right now, I thought I’d personally count down the 10 Best comics series of 2016. There’s been a lot of great stuff that came out this past year but only so many can be touted as the best. So let’s take a look at my picks for the Top 10 Comics of 2016:

deadlyclass_22-1#10 Deadly Class (Image)

It’s very rare when a book takes big risks like this one, changing the entire dynamic of the series, and actually becomes a better story. This past summer, as the Rats story line wrapped up and the class’ final exam came to an end, fans were wondering just what the hell was going to happen next. Pushing Saya to the forefront and introducing us to a group of new students was an exciting surprise. Rick Remender and Wes Craig delivered on the action and suspense ten-fold.


sm_cv6_ns#9 Superman (DC Comics)

The first Superman title I’ve read and enjoyed in a long time. The Superman and son gimmick seems like something that could run out of steam pretty fast, but that hasn’t been the case. It captures the boyhood adventure aspect to a tee. Peter Tomasi’s take on the family relationship has been a delight to read. Add to this the fact that he barely gives Supes a chance to breath before the next major threat comes his way. This is Superman done right (something we don’t see very often).


captain_america_sam_wilson_vol_1_13_textless#8 Captain America: Sam Wilson (Marvel)

I don’t know if you noticed but 2016 was a very politically charged year. Who am I kidding, everybody noticed! One comic that didn’t shy away from the issues affecting America was Cap Sam Wilson. The #TakeBackTheShield campaign that has been plaguing the former Falcon for some time now has lead to some fantastic social commentary and great storytelling. It’s a comic that’s good and good for you. Congrats to Nick Spencer on another great title.


lazarus_24-1#7 Lazarus (Image)

War is a terrifying thing. Within the pages of Lazarus, it’s also incredibly intriguing. With the battles between families Carlyle, Bitner, Hock and the other wealthy dynasties that rule the world, it’s been amazing to see Greg Rucka give us so many perspectives in the current story arc. While not many issues shipped in 2016, the book was always a highlight of pull list. And the artwork from Michael Lark was superb as always.



monstress_06-1#6 Monstress (Image)

If you caught our interview with Marjorie Liu last April, you know that Monstress is “Kaiju meets Steampunk”. A more in depth description is that it’s a tale of a young girl searching for answers about her past in a matriarchal. alternate Asia. She also has a Monster living inside her. Another way to explain it is that it’s PRETTY FREAKIN’ AWESOME! No matter how you describe it, this comic deserves to be on the list.



ww3cover1#5 Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

What’s better than Greg Rucka writing a Wonder Woman story? Greg Rucka writing TWO Wonder Woman Stories. Since the Rebirth Re-Launch of all the DC titles, a number of books have been shipping twice monthly. Rucka took full advantage of this by telling two separate story arcs at the same time with the odd issues taking place in the present day (with art by Liam Sharp) and the even issues being a Year One tale (drawn by Nicola Scott). The result has been some fantastic Amazonian fare.


1476884633_535622752f13a5fe65fb191c06c385b4#4 The Astonishing Ant-Man (Marvel)

Another Nick Spencer book. Whoda thunk it? Ant-Man has had a wild ride this year. He’s fought with his daughter, got her out of a jam with some baddies, went to prison and stood trial for a crime he technically did commit but for the right reasons. What’s great is Spencer’s ability to balance the comedic Scott Lang we all know and love with heartfelt family moments and rip roaring fun action sequences. It’s been a wild ride and the finish was earned.



kobk_4#3 Kill or Be Killed (Image)

Okay, so this is another book that didn’t have that many issues out. However, whenever it did come out, it was the most satisfying read of the week every damn time. A young man with his fare share of personal troubles ends up being targeted by a demon who tells him that in order to live, he must take the life of an evil soul on a regular basis which leads to his life as a vigilante. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips bring their noir style to the world of street justice and we’re all the better for it.


black-widow-002-cover#2 Black Widow (Marvel)

Alot of times in the modern world of comics, you will hear many laud the writer as the driving force behind your favourite series. That’s not the case with Black Widow. While Mark Waid is great, what makes Black Widow special is the visual storytelling of artist Chris Samnee. Right from issue one, it’s been an explosion of sequential art brilliance showcasing Natasha Romanoff as the most deadly agent and assassin in the Marvel U. Never a dull moment and Samnee’s the one to thank.


thefix_01-1#1 THE FIX

If you caught Geek Hard this past Friday night, you know that my pick for #1 is The Fix. Two crooked L.A. cops, a crazed suburban drug lord, a coked-out movie producer, a manchild mayor, a dead starlet and an airport customs police dog. Put all of these characters together and you get a hilarious action thrill ride that’s so clever you’d think Shane Black wrote it. He didn’t. It was written by the machine that is NICK FUCKIN’ SPENCER! Bravo to Nick and Steve Lieber for making comic GOLD!


So there you have it. My picks for the 10 Best Comics Series of 2016. Let me know what your picks are by leaving a comment.

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