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The Man of Steel. The Man of Tomorrow. Clark. Superman is known by many names. A character that’s been around for almost ninety years, Supes has been called many things from a symbol for truth, justice and the American way to a big, blue fascist. He’s also been shown in many roles such as a mild-mannered reporter and a leader of the Justice League. Comic creators have explored many different avenues with the character since his creation in 1938, but only recently has the role of father been introduced. These days, in the pages of Superman, written by Peter Tomasi with artwork by Patrick Gleason, Clark and Lois are raising their own super-son, Jonathan. Jon’s powers are beginning to manifest and a whole new set of growing pains are setting in. But with a Super-Dad, these changes should be easy, right?

Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look at the first 12 issues of the Rebirth Superman series. Is it as great as all the critics are saying? Does it give new perspective to the Superman character? Is it a high octane adventure comic the likes that hasn’t been seen from Big Blue in awhile? Find out the answers to these questions and more on an ALL NEW episode of your favourite comic book podcast, Back Issue Bloodbath.

A very special thank you to listener Rob Gaudette for suggesting the comic series for this episode.

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