Some of you may have noticed, last week, there was no column.

Okay, two of you.

Okay, Andrew Young.

Yup, I missed last week and nearly missed this week’s column due to two big factors.

One: I’ve got a full-time writing gig. I’m still getting used to balancing the full-time gig with small jobs like this one.

Two: I’m very busy prepping for Fan2Sea. I’m very much trying to make a good impression, not just for me but for Geek Hard as well. This is one of the few times a representative of the show has gone outside of Canada on assignment so I want to make sure that Fan2Sea is happy so it looks good on Andrew and Mr. Green.

So what am I doing at Fan2Sea you may be asking? Well, Here’s the itinerary.


January 20th



Harley Quinn Panel – with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (5:15 in the Pacifica Theater)

I’ll be sitting down with Jimmy and Amanda to talk all things Harley Quinn… and maybe even a little bit about Painkiller Jane too. Looking forward to this one as both Jimmy and Amanda are a lot of fun as is the book they’re currently working on.

January 22th

Cover Art Panel with Art Adams, Phil Nato, Joyce Chin, Clay Mann and Mark Brooks (3:30 in the Pacifica Theater)

Look at that lineup. Those are the current masters of cover art. And I get to grill them on how they go about making those covers. And I’ll get to beg Art Adams to do the interiors of a comic again.

Pub Quiz – Comics (5 pm King and Country Pub)

A warning for those who are on board: This pub quiz will be fun for the first few rounds but by the last one, it gets really hard. I have a question about what a certain character smells like.

Pub Quiz – Sci-Fi and Horror Films (7 pm King and Country Pub)

This one should be a little easier. I wrote it before the comic one so I wasn’t as stressed about getting good questions. Not to say the entire thing is easier per say, the first quiz is like the run on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, the second quiz is the Death Star run in a New Hope.

Now there are bits of my schedule that are still up in the air but if you happen to be on board, these are the best places to find me.

I’m also going to try and do updates while I am on the ship and hopefully get one or two of my panels recorded for Geek Hard.

Crap, I also have to pack. Gotta go. Hopefully, I will see one or two of you in Florida.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Catch up with Brent at Fan2Sea and Geek Hard on a boat!

Catch up with Brent at Fan2Sea and geek out on a boat!