If there’s one thing we like at Geek Hard , it’s good, nerdy music. On January 26th, you’ve got the chance to hear some live….no matter where you are!

If you listened to Back Issue Bloodbath (our podcast devoted to all things comic books), you already know that Andrew’s co-host, Sammy Younan, hosts the program In Session for Girth Radio where he interviews many musicians and bands at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar in Toronto (234 King Street East). Sammy has gotten to interview such acts as Finger Eleven and Neon Dreams and will soon add the likes of Sam Roberts and Kid Koala to the list. He’s also interviewed Geek Hard regular (and Andrew’s rival) Leslie Hudson for her comic book inspired album The Redhead League on an episode of In Session last year. Next week, Leslie returns for another round with Sammy to talk about her latest album, Yeoman on the Bridge.

Listeners and followers of Geek Hard might be familiar with Yeoman on the Bridge as we played a few singles from the album on our show and the song Captain’s Mess made it on Andrew’s Best Geek Songs of 2016 list. For those that haven’t heard any of the songs from Yeoman, you’ll get your chance on January 26th at 6:30PM Eastern on Facebook Live! That’s right, Leslie will be performing 3 songs LIVE from the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar next Thursday and you can see it all just by checking it out at facebook.com/GirthRadio. You can watch it from the comfort of wherever you watch videos and hear some great music of a Star Trek-inspired nature.

And hey, you don’t only have to check it out online. If you’re in Toronto that evening, come on down to the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar, have a drink and enjoy Leslie’s performance in person. Andrew of Geek Hard will be on hand too! Though he may see Leslie as a Redheaded Ruffian, he can’t help enjoy her awesome music……which is pretty awesome. So come have a drink with Andrew and enjoy some great music. Sounds like a plan, right?

It all goes down on January 26th at 6:30PM Eastern at the Pacific Junction Hotel Bar (234 King Street East in Toronto) and at facebook.com/GirthRadio. This is gonna be a good time to geek out.

And if you’re geek out, GEEK HARD!


Catch Leslie Hudson perform songs from Yeoman on the Bridge on Facebook Live on January 26th. (Brought to you by Girth Radio)