As I write this, the first day of the Fan2Sea Cruise is in the books and for me personally, it’s living up to expectations. Here’s just a quick highlight of my first day on the cruise.

Day 1

“If this ship sinks, DC has a really bad year.”

As my wife and I entered the ticket passport check, I noticed the the booth beside me was taking a really close look at the gentleman next to me’s passport. I looked over and realized it was comic book all star Mark Waid. I offered to vouch for his identity but the clerk didn’t take me up on it.

Boarding the ship, I started doing a little bit of a scan of the comic people on board. Art Adams and Joyce Chin sat down beside us at lunch. Shortly afterwards, I ran into Brian Azzarello. We both nodded to one another He was either thinking, “I’ve met that guy somewhere” or “Ah crap, Geek Hard is here”.

I went to my first meeting with the rest of the moderators. One gentleman was in charge of The Monster Channel which plays all sorts of fun monster movies, commercials and cartoons. He mentioned the full streaming service should be launching soon.

The next guy, kind of caught me off guard.“Nice shirt.” I was wearing my Calvin and Hobbs/Jaws mashup shirt (a personal favourite). I thanked him and we started talking shop. Turned out he was a writer for Ain’t It Cool, who got his handle from Jaws.

“Oh, shit, you’re Quint!”

I’ve been a fan of Quint for years and always figured he was a lot older than he actually is. Also turns out he’s rather laid back and awesome in person.


The first thing I was able to see was the Sean Gunn / Michael Rooker panel, which was a lot of fun. Rooker spilled a grand total of two drinks in spectacular fashion. What made the panel unique was the location. We were on the pool deck as the ship went under the bridge to the Florida keys (which you may remember getting blown up in True Lies). Even Rooker and Gunn stopped to point it out. As the panel ended, down went the sun which added to this spectacular backdrop.

This is when I noticed a small group of people. Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, Brian Azzarello and a group of comic writers and artists had gathered to catch up over drinks. Part of me wanted to run over and introduce myself but they looked like they were having such a good time, I didn’t want to intrude. One thought did go through my head though: “If this ship goes down, DC has a bad year.”

I ended my night at karaoke where I watched one of Palmiotti’s friends perform an epic rendition of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”.

So far, the Fan2Sea Cruise is far exceeding my expectations. All of the comic pros are having a great time and it’s been a lot of fun!

Pro tips

  • I won’t name names but there is at least one rather well known artist on board as a passenger. I was kind of surprised when I saw him.
  • A least one celebrity joined the regular people at the par later on in the evening.
  • I’ll name names when I’m off the ship.

On to Day 2!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


A lot of fun hanging out with jedi on the Fan2Sea cruise….just sayin’.