Hey all, here’s some quick highlights from the Fan2Sea Cruise Day 2!


“Listen to Jimmy”

Day 2 of Fan2Sea was great. Started the day off with a filling Breakfast and once the ship docked, we headed into downtown Key West.

You wouldn’t think you’d find anything geeky on the main strip in Key West. But like any other place in the world, you look down the right side street, you always find something….like a nice used book store. Going through their first editions, I found a bunch of hardcovers of the Burke novels by Andrew Vashss. Long time readers will know of my love of the Burke books and get that this was a pretty good score. And they were all signed! … to a guy named Ed (Vachss used to sign books for free via the mail as long as they were personalized. eBay helped put a stop to that.) It was still pretty cool. Due to luggage limits, I picked out one book to take home with me.

One of the oddest things to happen however is a guy pulled up on his bike right in front of us. He asked us if we were doing the convention and if we knew who Gail Simone was. I said I did and apparently he was a friend of Gail’s and asked me to pass along a gift. I found Gail and her husband that evening and we were all kind of astonished by this guy’s luck in finding me.

We returned to the ship and I got prepped for my Harley Quinn panel with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. What an awesome pair of people. We spoke at length about their creative process as well as some fun stories about their dear friend, the late Darwyn Cooke.

While there a ton of panels on the ship, the panel to be at on Day 2 was the Late Night War Stories panel. Cellphones were forbidden. You got caught, you were ejected.┬áThe idea was to tell fun stories and maybe let loose a little without fear of getting fired or pissing off others creators. It was the panel that a ton of creators showed up to, even if they weren’t on it. I won’t reveal much in keeping what I hope will become a tradition with this convention but I will say the following: Jimmy Palmiotti does a great Stan Lee.

Day 2 of Fan2Sea was a blast. Stay Tuned for highlights from day 3 and 4.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

A fantastic time was had at the Harley Quinn panel as Jimmy and Amanda are awesome folks.