So, I had no internet for a couple of days until I hit the rather awesome Cabana Bay beach resort at Universal Studios (Harry Potter World for the win!). Because of this, Fan2Sea Cruise Days 3 and 4 are going to be combined in this one post.

Day 3

“Mexico and Raiders”

I had the day off this day, so my wife and I decided to spend most of our time in Cozumel, Mexico. Actually, “in” is stretching it. We got off the ship and and got on another boat and got off that boat and onto a submarine. It took us around a reef and a sunken navel ship. We went as deep as about 120 feet below the water.

I’m not much of a souvenir guy but when in Mexico, there is only one thing I wanted to buy and bought quickly.

The owner of the stand was surprised by the amount of my Lucha knowledge.

Back on the ship, the main thing I wanted to see wasn’t until later in the evening. Fan2Sea had put together a screening of Raiders! The story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made. It’s a documentary about these kids (now adults) who took years to make a shot for shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I will be doing a full review later but the quick version is that it’s a fascinating documentary about the love of a film and the sheer perseverance to see a project through to the end. The con got permission to also show the actual film that these guys made. Eric Zala, the star of the documentary and the director of the adaption, was on hand to answer questions. It’s kind of cool that he now seems to be making a living through this childhood dream.

Eric Zala and I.

Day 4

Day  4 was my major work day as I had a panel on cover art and two pub quizzes to run. I did some prep and got to the theatre for what turned out to be a smaller crowd than we had expected. What may have been seen as a disappointment turned into a panel that was a lot of fun. The panel consisting of Art Adams, Joyce Chin, Phil Noto and Mark Brooks who hopped of the stage and answered all questions the small group of fans had. We even had an impromptu Hamilton sing along.

After the panel, my wife and I killed some time by wandering around the cosplay ball when I spotted Sean Gunn. Sean had stayed on board the entire time, hanging out and having fun. And he has no ego. If you want a selfie, no problem. He wasn’t the only one. Lew Temple from The Walking Dead also stayed on the ship the entire time and had no problem interacting with fans. All of the comic book folks were also out having fun and chatting with the fans.

But back to Sean Gunn.

My wife, Gen, loves Guardians of the Galaxy but she’s also a big fan of Gilmour Girls, a show that recently returned to tv thanks to Netflix. Before he was a ravager or the physical stand-in for Rocket Racoon, Sean Gunn was Kirk on Gilmour Girls. My wife never really wants to meet people at these thing but I could see she wanted to try for a picture.

“Hi, would you mind taking a picture with my wife, she’s a huge fan of Gilmour Girls”

“Not a problem!”

He put an arm over her shoulders and we took a few photos. When Gen mentioned that Kirk was her favourite character, he suggested one more as Kirk. Sean’s a cool dude who really seems down to Earth.

And that’s all the highlights from the Fan2Sea Cruise Days 3 and 4.

So, all and all, what did I think? Let’s be honest. I worked the cruise and got to go to this amazing convention free of charge. But would I pay for it?

Yes I would.

Assuming next year is like this year (I have been told that things look good for a year 2), you get A-List guests but less people than a much bigger convention. You get to travel. It may seem expensive (and it is) but at the same time, your meals are covered and so is your place to stay. The closest convention experience I have to it is it’s kind of like Niagara Comic Con but on a boat. That’s not even doing it justice.

Here’s hoping they do a year 2!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Fan2Sea was an awesome time…and that’s no joke.