Welcome Friends and movie lovers to Season TWO of Terry Knows Movies. Terry Huddleston is an artist who can be found showcasing his artwork at conventions and shows across North America. He’s also a ravenous consumer of movies and a bit of an armchair critic. Let Terry share his knowledge with you as mixes old school and new school nerd knowledge to tell you exactly why a particular movie rocked or sucked.

One of the most highly anticipated super hero films for 2017 has to be Wonder Woman. The film is slated for release in June and the trailers make it look like we might finally have a DC film that can stand on the same footing as the Marvel Studios offerings. Terry is optimistic but still leery. While the film does look promising, he’s been tricked by trailers before. And seeing how DC and Warner Bros. have dug quite the creative hole to get out of, his trepidation is warranted.

Join Terry as he takes a hard look at DC and Warner Bros. main problem when it comes to making super hero films: The fact that they’re Super Hero Films. What? Don’t worry. Terry will explain everything as well as why Marvel is besting them at every cinematic turn. Give the video a watch and you’ll see what we mean.


So that’s all for this week’s episode of Terry Knows Movies. We hope you enjoyed this weekly run of the show. We’ll now be returning to the original “every two weeks” format from before with our next video dropping on February 3rd. In the meantime, send us an email at geekhardshow@gmail.com or leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the DC Film franchises.

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