Hi there fellow nerds. I think it’s time we sat down and had a little chat. Well, some of you anyway. I have a feeling that some of you might be on the same wavelength.

I want to talk to you about letting go. I know it’s a tough topic to talk about but given what I’ve seen flying around the internet as of late, I think it’s time that some of you faced this idea head on.

A couple of days ago, Guillmero del Toro put the final nail in the coffin of Hellboy 3. He met with Ron Pearlman and Mike Mignola and the following tweet proclaimed the end of that particular threesome doing any more Hellboy.

And to that, I say, “Good.”

Don’t get me wrong, my love of Hellboy is strong. There are no other people I’d love to bring big red back to life than del Toro and Pearlman and the second film kind of left us hanging. But let’s be honest, it’s been seven years and every year or two, one of these guys would say something to give us hope that a third part was on its way. Now we have closure and can let these poor guys rest.

Pearlman and del Toro are incredibly talented guys and I feel kind of bad that they get asked so often about this project that they had to have dinner just to shut people up.

I bet Joss Whedon wishes he could do that.

Fox recently stated that they would be interested in reviving or rebooting Firefly if Joss was involved.

For those keeping track, Serenity was released in 2005 and the Firefly t.v. series ended in 2003.

Not happening.

Joss has worked on two of the biggest box office films of all time and he still gets bugged about reviving a show 12 years in the ground.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t love Firefly. We should love the shit out of that show and we should thank the actors, writers, and directors involved for such a wonderful gift…..and then move on. Let these people do new and glorious things.

Our generation of nerds just seems to have a hard time letting these things go and I’ll be honest, I’m as guilty as many of you. For years, I’ve been promoting the idea of a Dredd Netflix series. And every year, we get told a sequel may happen. This year, I finally gave up.

We see this every time we get a reboot of a franchise we love. We get all wistful for the past and start crying about how it will ruin our childhoods.

It won’t.

I once heard Alan Moore talk about another writer (I think it might have been Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler) where a reporter asked that writer about what he thought about what the movie studios were doing to his books. The writer replied, “They haven’t done anything, they are there on the shelf.” And maybe that’s the attitude we should all adopt. Appreciate the work but leave these creators alone about reunions that will never happen.

And we’ll leave it at that.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Dredd ain’t happening either. Let it go.