Welcome Friends and movie lovers to Season TWO of Terry Knows Movies. Terry Huddleston is an artist who can be found showcasing his artwork at conventions and shows across North America. He’s also a ravenous consumer of movies and a bit of an armchair critic. Let Terry share his knowledge with you as mixes old school and new school nerd knowledge to tell you exactly why a particular movie rocked or sucked.

The X-Men Movie Franchise. Since 2000, Fox Studios have been bringing us Mutant-filled movies in of some capacity. There have been successful offshoot solo projects like Wolverine and Deadpool and more recently, a television show (Legion on FX). But the strangest transformations of the brand have happened in the core X-Men films themselves. Last year saw the release of X-Men Apocalypse and Terry has a few things to say about it. Hear his thoughts on where the series is now and what they need to do going forward. As always, Terry approaches the subject both as X-pert (see what I did there) and a movie fan in general.

While Terry isn’t the biggest fan of the X-Men in the world, he definitely has some things to say about what they’re doing with Jean Grey and Magneto. Find out if you agree with his take by watching the video below.

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