This week, we take a trip to one of the seven capital cities of heaven and gain the power of Shou Lao the Undying.

That’s right, kids. This Friday’s Geek Hard is all about Iron Fist…..and Marvel Comics’ characters in general. Join Andrew and Mr. Green as they get intimate and interactive with the House of Ideas, talking about various comic, t.v. and film properties from Marvel. And they won’t just be talking to each other about them, either. They’ll also be chatting with comic creator Ed Brisson. Ed’s currently writing a Bullseye miniseries for Marvel and also has a few new comics coming soon, including a new Iron Fist series, slated to drop in the next couple of weeks. He’ll be on to tell us all what we can expect from the new comic and more! Here’s a quick bio on Ed:

Ed Brisson is a comic book writer who first started to garner attention with his self-published crime series MURDER BOOK. He broke into the public spotlight in 2012 with the crime/time-travel thriller series COMEBACK (Shadowline/Image Comics). In the short time since then, he’s written and co-created four other series published by Image: SHELTERED, THE FIELD, THE MANTLE and THE VIOLENT. Ed has also written for BOOM, Marvel, DC, IDW and many others.

For more on Ed Brisson, check out his website and be sure to catch our interview with him this Friday.

But an Iron Fist comic isn’t the only property involving the living weapon that we’ll be talking about. There’s also a certain new Netflix series that drops this Friday that we’ll be giving our review of. Marvel’s Iron Fist has not seen too many happy reviews thus far. Will Andrew and Mr. Green follow suit as they dissect the first 6 episodes? Find out this Friday as we focus our chi and call on the power of a dragon with a glowing heart.

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Will Iron Man live up to being a living weapon? Find out this Friday.