As I’ve documented before, I’ve become a bit of an action figure collector. I tend to buy the characters that I like, especially when it comes to Marvel’s Legends line.

However, Marvel or Hasbro (or possibly both) must have me house bugged as they’ve begun churning out figures and even build-a-figures that I MUST have.

For example, my latest purchase is Shatterstar from a current run of X-Men figures that was meant to loosely tie in with Logan. Loose in the fact that it’s X-Men figures and one of them is Old Man Logan (the comic book version not the film).

Oh and Shatterstar? He’s amazing in all his Liefeld glory!

The build a figure from this run is Warlock/Douglock from The New Mutants. Thanks to friends, I’m two pieces away from completing him and I can’t wait. He’s such a cool looking figure but it amazes me that this is happening. As far as I can tell, Warlock hasn’t been seen in a Marvel comic since 2010’s Necrosha storyline.

That’s been the story of the Marvel Legends line over the past few years. They cover the major bases but tend to throw in a character or two I never thought would get their own figure. Machine Man, the Captain Britain version of Spider-Man from Spiderverse, Morbius, and Nuke. There are even variations of characters that keep guys like me coming back. The Jim Lee version of The Punisher (white headband, white boots), a Nick Fury that comes with alternate Dirk Anger from Nextwave.

Death’s Head II is getting a Marvel Legends figure.

Who, you say?

This guy!

And I’m sure that picture means nothing to you either because I honestly think Death’s Head II is possibly the most obscure character they’ve put to plastic.

This got me to thinking, since my house and social media streams are under watch, might as well use it to my advantage. What Marvel characters would make cool action figures? I’m trying to stay away from characters that already have toys. If I do suggest one that’s been done before, I have a twist on it.

So here are 5 Marvel Characters that need a Marvel Legends Figure!


Squirrel Girl

She’s been announced as part of the New Warriors tv show so you’ve got a media tie-in. The tricky part is how to do her. My suggestion is to go with kind of an amalgam of the current comic iteration and the last version we saw in New Avengers. Maybe something like our good buddy Adam Gorham’s interpretation (pictured above).



One of my favorite modern X-character designs, I’d love to see Chamber as a figure. The fire in the face thing will be hard but the recent Dormammu build-a-figure gives me hope that they could pull it off.


Sasquatch (Build-A-Figure)

There was a Sasquatch figure during the Toy Biz run of Marvel Legends and he was good for his time, but sculpting has gotten so much better since then. I’d make him a build-a-figure so you would have to buy a bunch of figures in order to build him. This would allow for it to be bigger than your average six inch Marvel Legends figure.


Iron Man 2020

There are a ton of Iron Man figures floating around and honestly, most follow the film universe mold. Let’s do something a little different and go with Iron Man 2020. Gears on the shoulders and that dastardly face plate give you something different to hunt for.


Warpath (Build-A-Figure)

I’ll totally own up to this one. I want a big Warpath figure so I can have yet another member of the Liefeld X-Force team. That being said, Warpath has had a figure before but it’s been a while and the figure’s going for $150 loose.


Bonus: Ultimate Thor

I know nothing of the character and haven’t read Thor The Unworthy yet (waiting for the trade). After seeing this cover, I need this action figure in my life and on my shelf.

How about you dear readers? Is there a Marvel character who needs his own Legends action figure? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!