Last month, Andrew and Mr. Green (and cub reporter Brent Chittenden) had the pleasure of attending Toronto ComiCon 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. There we saw many cool people and things. We also interviewed some pretty rad folks. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to share those interviews with you RIGHT HERE on (and on our Youtube channel, which you should totally subscribe to). so sit back, relax and enjoy our coverage this year’s Toronto ComiCon.

In our first video offering, Andrew catches up with comic scribe (and former Geek Hard guest) Amy Chu. Folk might remember that Amy was the woman behind the Poison Ivy miniseries that came out in the winter of 2016. These days, she has two high profile books on her plate: KISS and Red Sonja (both of which are being released through Dynamite). Her take on KISS is not what you’d expect as it takes place in a dystopian future and stars a pair of twins that are “the chosen ones”. Her Red Sonja has the great warrior trying to adapt to modern day New York. Needless to say, Amy finds new and different ways to present the characters that we love. Watch as we discuss these two series and writing for comics in general.


KISS and Red Sonja are currently available at your local comic shop. Check out and support Amy Chu’s awesome work.

That’s the first of a few great interviews we had at Toronto ComiCon. Stay tuned right here over the next few weeks as we reveal more of our adventures at this year’s show. We got interviews with actors Kristian Bruun and Paul Amos coming your way. There’s also a chat with comic artist Adam Gorham in the wings. Check back here on the regular and we’ll hook you up!

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