Hey friends. You might remember us telling you about a new show called Game Roast a few weeks back. It’s a series hosted by Geek Hard’s own Andrew Young and comedian Gavin Stephens over on the Aggressive Comix Youtube Channel.

For newcomers, the premise of the show is very simple: Andrew and Gavin look back on a classic or forgotten video game and make jokes. It’s like roasting a person….except it’s a game instead. Here’s three more episodes for you to check out.

In episode three, we take a look back at Lode Runner. Much like our first episode where we made fun of Moon Patrol, this vid got some heat from fans. You can be the judge on whether or not we went too far by watching the video below.


Episode four focuses on the clusterfuck that is Attack of the Mutant Camels. This was originally going to be an Empire Strikes Back game but was axed by Lucas himself. The game makers took the idea and replaced the AT-ATs with giant camels. We had fun with this one.


Finally, the last episode focuses on Frankie Goes to Hollywood the Game. Yes, the 80s band had a game made after them at the height of their popularity. Watch on with amazement as we attempt to figure out why.


You can watch all these videos, as well as the first two episodes of Game Roast, at the Aggressive Comix Youtube Channel. Also, be sure to check out all the other great programs that Aggressive Comix has to offer, like Rated N for Nerd and Secrets of the Booze. It’s a fun channel and we here at Geek Hard are happy to be partnering with AC on this series. Be sure to subscribe to their channel while you’re there and subscribe to Geek Hard’s Youtube Channel as well for fun interviews and our series, Terry Knows Movies.

Finally, if you like Game Roast and want more episodes, let us know by dropping us an email at geekhardshow@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. If there’s enough of you out there, we’ll make more.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!