This Saturday, comic shops come alive like no other day of the year! For Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Yes, it’s that day of the year where fanboys and girls can go down to their local comic shop and pick a free comic from 50 titles that are available. Free Comic Book Day is a day to hang with other comics fans, check out what your local store has to offer and maybe sample something you’ve never checked out before.

There are a number of publishers contributing titles, from the “Big Two” right down to the small press. In a perfect world, you could walk home with all of them. But some stores have a limit on how many free books you can take (gotta make sure that there’s comics for everyone, right?) and not every store will be carrying ALL the books available. That makes your choices on this day all the more important. You don’t want to go home with a bunch of duds. That’s where I come in.

Thanks to our good friends at Worlds Collide Comics, we here at Geek Hard got you covered and have read a selection of the Free Comic Book Day titles in advance. Be sure to listen to Geek Hard, LIVE this Friday at 7pm Eastern on to hear our panel’s picks on what comics to grab and what ones to avoid. But for now, here’s 8 comics that I think are worth your time on May 6th.



Publisher: Rebellion/2000AD

Every Year, you can always count on 2000AD to provide a book stuffed with stories. This year is no different as they’ve provided 5 great short tales to consume. Judge Dredd, Anderson, Judge Death and Blackblood are all waiting for you. What makes this book even cooler is the fact that there’s access to even more free stuff with digital content available. Talk about the most bang for your free! It’s a steal. Don’t judge me.


All New Guardians of the Galaxy

Publisher: Marvel

Fun outer space fair with some action packed, street-level heroes mixed in. While the opening story staring the Guardians is fun, the main reason why this book is on the list is due to the backup that sets up Brian Michael Bendis’ Defenders series coming this June. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Jessica Jones are all in danger and that danger has come a knockin’. The shit’s gonna hit the fan. Looking forward to it.


Betty & Veronica #1

Publisher: Archie

Reprinting the first issue of this new series from the masterful Adam Hughes, Betty and Ronnie are on a collision course towards the fight of the century. When the fate of Pop’s is on the line, Betty will stop at nothing to rally the troops and save the famous establishment. That’s a bit of a problem when one your friends is working against you to see a high end coffee franchise take the place of the beloved eatery. It’s gonna get ugly (but the artwork will be beautiful as always).


Boom Studios Summer Blast

Publisher: Boom

Three more stories to check out from Mouse Guard, Brave Chef Brianna and Coady and the Creepies. This is probably the best All Ages book of FCBD. Mouse Guard brings us a tale on what it takes to become a hunter. We get a sneak preview of the upcoming Brave Chef Brianna who’s set up a new restaurant serving human food in monster city. And finally, we catch up with Coady and the Creepies, the only band that has a ghost as one of it’s members (unless you count the Rolling Stones). Free Comic Fun for all!


I Hate Image

Publisher: Image

This mature reader offering is brought to you by the one and only Skottie Young. Skottie’s I Hate Fairyland comic takes center stage as that book’s main character, Gertrude, may have finally found a way out. Hearing of a secret passage out of Fairyland, she must travel through the land of Image. There she confronts (and even kills) some of your favourite comic characters. Spawn, Saga, The Walking Dead, Black Science and more! They all make appearances in this little piece of dark comedy goodness.


Secret #1

Publisher: Marvel

Once again, this Marvel offering has a better second story than its first. The first tale, tying into the current Secret Empire event is just fine. The real star of the book however is the preview of Chip Zdarsky’s upcoming Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man series. Chip’s take brings Spidey back to basics and gets to the funny one-liners right away. There’s also an appearance by the Vulture and it actually doesn’t suck. Can’t wait ’til the new series drops.


Steam Wars: Strike Leader

Publisher: Antarctic

This fun little tale of high flying action really threw me for a loop. I did not expect to enjoy a book that has steampunk elements to it BUT I DID! This tale of a group of free pilots banding together to fight tyranny using an untested aircraft had me engaged from the start. That’s pretty impressive considering that most of this book is just set up. A sleeper to be sure, this may be one of the hidden gems of FCBD.


Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition

Publisher: DC Comics

This pick should not be a surprise to anyone who’s read the current WW series by Greg Rucka. Reprinting the first chapter of the Year One story (drawn by Nicola Scott), this is the perfect companion piece to the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman movie. It gives the origins of both Diana and Steve Trevor before their first encounter on the beach of Themyscira. Pick it up if you haven’t check out the series yet.



These are just 8 of the great titles available this Saturday. If you want more suggestion on what Free Comics to pick up on the 6th, be sure to listen to Geek Hard this Friday night at 7pm Eastern on and we’ll give you what you need.

Be sure to make the trip out to your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day (May 6th) and sample a few free comics. And while you’re there, maybe buy a few comics off the rack. Most participating stores should have some awesome sales or events that you can get involved in, so check ’em out.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Go support your local comic shop this Saturday!