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It’s time once again for another creator spotlight. This episode, we take a look at the career of John Romita Jr. Born into the business, J.R. Jr. started working in comics in the 70s. Over 4 decades, he made his mark at Marvel, having successful runs on Iron Man, Daredevil, X-Men and Spider-Man. The man is especially synonymous with Spidey, having drawn a number of iconic adventures. A master of what he’s called “The Deadline Style”, John has been the go-to guy for fast paced action for years. More recently, he made the jump over to DC Comics and has had the opportunity to leave his mark on both Superman and Batman. It’s safe to say the guy has had a legendary career.

But there are some that criticize the man’s art style. Like George Perez and other old school workhorses, Romita Jr.’s work has been called outdated by some. Others see his work to be just as relevant as it’s always been.  Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look back on the works of John Romita Jr. and highlight some of his greatest comic series. It’s all coming your way on a brand new Back Issue Bloodbath.

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