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Sometimes you want to go / Where Everybody knows your name / and they’re always glad you came.

For years it’s been a part of the comic fan’s life. The Comic Shop. A place where great adventure is just a purchase away. But over the past decade, the role of the comic shop has changed. In order to be a successful store, a comic retailer has to offer more. A comic shop cannot just be a place to buy comics. It needs to be a communal environment that welcomes all types of comic fan and engages them to find out their interests. A place where you can take a break from the “real world.” Whether it be combining the shop with another business (a cafe, a comedy club, etc), providing events and activities for your patrons, or carrying a variety of diverse products, the comic shop needs to be versatile in their approach.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they talk about their own experiences in various comic stores and what they feel makes for a great “comic shop experience”. We talk about some of the more famous stores in the States and some of the local fare in Toronto. It’s all coming you way on another Back Issue Bloodbath.

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